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    Impact: Cultural Impact, Cultural Impact

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    Description of impact

    Enhancing education through digital sounds and music

    Who is affected

    Children aged 4 and up


    Featured on Queen's Staff Gateway as a performing musician and lecturer in music and sonic arts.
    "Franziska's research focuses on the intersection of critical theory and performance in technology-informed environments.
    She created 'Big Ears', a public engagement project in collaboration with the Belfast Children's Festival that aims to create a social impact through music by introducing children aged four and up to new sounds and giving them the opportunity to become performers themselves."
    The project was funded by the AHRC (2011-2012) as well as by the HEA's Teaching Development Fund (2013) and later by Queen's University's Staff and Training Fund (2014).

    Category of impact

    • Cultural Impact
    • Cultural Impact

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