Astrophysics Research Centre (ARC)

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      We are committed to pursuing leading-edge research programmes in the observation and modelling of astronomical objects. These programmes will be aligned with the priorities set out by our funding agencies, including the PPARC and European Community, and with the University's strategy for research excellence.

      The Centre concentrates on the study of the local universe, which can be defined as our Galaxy and other nearby galaxies. However the Centre continues to re-align its activities to take account of the rapid improvements in astronomical facilities. Although the Centre undertakes sophisticated computer modelling of astronomical objects, most members consider themselves to be observationally-driven astronomers. This is reflected in their extensive use of front-rank UK and international observing facilities. Additionally the Centre is providing purpose built astronomical instumentation to address currently important astronomical research themes. The Centre actively seeks to use its expertise in other areas and has links with local industry and leading UK and international research laboratories via research contracts, studentships and testing programmes.

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      Physics Building
      School of Mathematics and Physics
      Queen's University Belfast
      University Road
      BT7 1NN
      United Kingdom
      • Phone: 028 9097 1245
      • Fax: 028 9097 3110



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