1. ActivWireless

      Simon Cotton (Participant), William Scanlon (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    2. Applications of Novel Speech and Audio-Visual Processing Research

      Ming Ji (Participant), Ramji Srinivasan (Participant), Daniel Crookes (Participant), Darryl Stewart (Participant), Niall McLaughlin (Participant), Roger Woods (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Health Impact

    3. Catalytic Converter Research Leads to Major New Product for Motor Vehicles

      Roy Douglas (Participant), Geoffrey McCullough (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    4. Connecting Emotionally With and Through Computers

      Roddy Cowie (Participant), Ellen Douglas-Cowie (Participant), Gary McKeown (Participant), Noel Sheehy (Participant), Ian Sneddon (Participant), Margaret McRorie (Participant), Tijana Vukicevic (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    5. Conservation of Maerl (Calcareous red seaweed) in Europe

      Daryl Birkett (Participant), Christine Maggs (Participant), Matthew Dring (Participant), Charmaine Blake (Participant), Sian Wilson (Participant), Paula Reimer (Participant), Mark Johnson (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact, Environmental Impact

    6. Coupled Analysis and Design of Offshore Wind Turbines

      Madjid Karimirad (Participant), Heidi Brede (Participant), Abdolmajid Moghtadaei (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    7. Engaging the Public in Science and Increasing Awareness of Physics and Astronomy

      Alan Fitzsimmons (Participant), Samuel Duddy (Participant), Henry Hsieh (Participant), Stephen Smartt (Participant), Stephen Lowry (Participant), Heather Cegla (Participant), Sergiy Shelyag (Participant), Victoria Moulds (Participant), Michail Mathioudakis (Participant), Don Pollacco (Participant), John Burton (Participant), Christopher Watson (Participant)

      Impact: Societial Impact

    8. Failure in Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCCs) for AVX Ltd

      Robert Bowman (Participant), Marty Gregg (Participant), Mohamed Saad (Participant), Li-Wu Chang (Participant), Mark McMillen (Participant), Alina Schilling (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    9. Impact of the HELIUM Code on UK Government Procurement and Provision of National High-Performance Computing Facility HECToR

      Jonathan Parker (Participant), Karen Cairns (Participant), Daniel Dundas (Participant), Kenneth Taylor (Participant)

      Impact: Public Service Impact

    10. Improving the Psychological Wellbeing of Captive Animals

      Deborah Wells (Participant), Peter Hepper (Participant)

      Impact: Quality of Life Impact, Public Policy Impact

    11. LAMDA

      Paul Miller (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact

    12. Making a Difference to Children's Learning in Schools: Learning to Think and Learning Through Play

      Carol McGuinness (Participant), Noel Sheehy (Participant), Angela Eakin (Participant), Karen Trew (Participant), Elizabeth Sproule (Participant)

      Impact: Public Policy Impact

    13. New Eco-Friendly Hybrid Buses for London and Beyond

      Roy Douglas (Participant), Geoffrey McCullough (Participant), Robert Fleck (Participant), Robert Kee (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    14. New Method for Die Casting of Automotive Components Saves Energy and Material

      Alastair Long (Participant), David Thornhill (Participant), Cecil Armstrong (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Environmental Impact

    15. Precision Techniques for Hip Joint Replacement Surgery Improves Quality of Life for over 10,000 Patients

      John Orr (Participant), David Beverland (Participant), Fraser Buchanan (Participant), Janet Hill (Participant), Alice Sykes (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact, Health Impact

    16. Protecting Women from HIV AIDS: Dapivirine Vaginal Ring HIV Microbicide

      David Woolfson (Participant), Karl Malcolm (Participant), Stephen McCullagh (Participant), Martin Catney (Participant)

      Impact: Health Impact

    17. Seagate Technology R&D Investment Strategy

      Alina Schilling (Participant), Robert Bowman (Participant), Marty Gregg (Participant), Paul Evans (Participant), Xinhua Zhu (Participant), John McPhillips (Participant), Robert Pollard (Participant), Ronald Atkinson (Participant), William Hendren (Participant), Gregory Wurtz (Participant), Wayne Dickson (Participant), Anatoly Zayats (Participant)

      Impact: Economic Impact