Innovative Molecular Materials (IMM) Group

    Former organisational unit. 29/04/2018.

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    1. Adams Method Prepared Metal Oxide Catalysts for Solar-Driven Water Splitting

      Mills, A. (Creator), Browne, M. (Creator), Wells, N. (Creator), O'Rourke, C. (Creator), Queen's University Belfast, 2018, 10.17034/3ae75912-840b-4680-86e4-4e64ac4ba29a


    2. Kinetics of reduction of a Resazurin-based photocatalytic activity ink

      Mills, A. (Creator), Wells, N. (Creator), MacKenzie, J. (Creator), MacDonald, G. (Creator), Queen's University Belfast, 2016, 10.17034/d13f54ef-effb-410c-87a3-3c0dae5c8dcd


    3. Novel pH-Based Photocatalyst Activity Indicator Hydrogel Film (Hpaii)

      Mills, A. (Creator), Hawthorne, D. (Creator), Queen's University Belfast, 19 Jun 2017, 10.17034/d1d25fd0-d67d-4d42-ba92-e0d72da126a1


    4. Novel Temperature-activated humidity-sensitive optical sensor

      Mills, A. (Creator), Hawthorne, D. (Creator), Burns, L. (Creator), Hazafy, D. (Creator), Queen's University Belfast, 06 Sep 2016, 10.17034/9ed95ce1-41e8-4a7c-aafd-7e5b871092fe


    5. Novel time-temperature and 'consume-within' indicator based on gas-diffusion

      Mills, A. (Creator), Hawthorne, D. (Creator), Graham, A. (Creator), Lawrie, K. (Creator), Queen's University Belfast, 11 Nov 2016, 10.17034/a17528e0-4587-4c74-aef6-eaaf421704f1


    6. Photocatalyst activity indicating adhesive labels for use in the field

      Mills, A. (Creator), Hawthorne, D. (Creator), Wells, N. (Creator), Queen's University Belfast, 28 Nov 2017, 10.17034/31821ffe-c223-42b3-b885-a85a9b21dd99