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    Speech and Language Processing

    The Speech and Language Processing Group conducts research into speech modelling, speaker modelling and dialogue modelling to advance the design of robust spoken language systems.

    Applications include speech control of household devices, mobile phones and PDAs as well as speech-driven access to remote information.

    Image & Vision Systems

    The team is focused on pioneering future directions and innovation in artificial vision systems through the integration of image/video processing software and hardware expertise. 

    The work includes algorithm development and evaluation for the detection, recognition and tracking of objects in image sequences; digital image watermarking; and segmentation and registration of 3-d medical images, and segmentation and analysis of histological virtual slides.  Complementary research includes the development of hardware-based matrix algorithms for image processing.

    Applications being addressed by this work are video surveillance for defence and civil security (CCTV); image verification and validation for the broadcasting industry; and tumour definition for radiation therapy planning and cancer diagnosis. 

    Presently, funding is derived from a mixture of national industry and government sources.

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