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    Rural Populations and Population Ageing

    Migration and Economic Regeneration

    Sustainable Development

    National Parks

    Rural Planning


    Prof Stockdale was the Director of Education in Planning at QUB (2008-14).  She served on the REF2014 sub-panel for Unit of Assessment 16 and is a member of the ESRC Peer Review Council.


    Aileen is a Geography graduate. She worked at Aberdeen University for 15 years before joining Queen's in 2006.

    She has published widely in international academic journals and presented many papers at national and international conferences. Her research has largely focused on internal migration patterns and processes and their consequences for rural communities.

    Aileen was awarded Fellow of the Academy of Scocial Sciences in 2015 and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG and a member of the Geographical Society of Ireland, European Society of Rural Sociology, and the Trans-Atlantic Rural Research Network (TARRN).  She is a member of the International Advisory Board of the scientific journal Population, Space and Place. 

    She was appointed to the prestigious Jantina Tammes (visiting) chair at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) for 2015. 


    Research Statement

    Prof Stockdale has an established research record in the areas of internal migration, migrant decision making and the consequences for donor and host communities. She has undertaken funded projects throughout the United Kingdom.

    She has just completed a two year ESRC-funded (approximately £250,000) project entitled The Retirement Transition and the Celtic Fringe: Mobility Trends and Migrant and Rural Community Wellbeing. This research examined the migration patterns, decisions and impacts associated with migrants aged 50 years or over to rural areas of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Further research interests include sustainable development and UK national parks, on which she has undertaken research in Scotland.

    Examples of publications in these areas include:

    Stockdale, A (2016 forthcoming) From 'trailing wives' to the emergence of a 'trailing husbands' phenomenon: Retirement migration to rural areas. Population, Space and Place.

    Bell, J. and Stockdale, A. (2016) Examining Participatory Governance in a devolving UK: insights from national parks policy development in Northern Ireland.  Environment and Planning C (in press) DOI: 10.1177/0263774X15625643

    Bell, J. and Stockdale, A. (2016) Evolving national park models: The emergence of an economic imperative and its effect on the contested nature of the 'national' park concept in Northern Ireland.  Land Use Policy (in press) DOI: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.08.002).

    Stockdale, A (2015)  Contemporary and 'messy' rural in-migration processes: Comparing counterurban and lateral rural migration.  Population, Space and Place (in press) (DOI: 10.1002/psp. 1947).

    Stockdale, A (2014) Unravelling the Migration Decision-Making Process: English early retirees moving to rural mid-Wales.  Journal of Rural Studies.  34, 161-171. 

    Stockdale, A and Catney, G (2013) A lifecourse perspective on urban-rural migration: the importance of the local context.  Population, Space & Place.DOI: 10.1002/psp. 1758.

    Stockdale, A; MacLeod, M and Philip, L (2012) Connected Life Courses: Influences on and experiences of 'Mid life' in-migration to rural areas.  Population, Space and Place (Published online in Wiley Online Library ( DOI: 10.1002/psp.1709).

    Philip, L, Brown, D and Stockdale, A (2012) Demographic Ageing in Rural Areas.  (Chapter 4, p.58-78)  In M Shucksmith, D Brown, Shortall, S, Vergunst, J and Warner, M (Editors) Rural Transformations and Rural Policies in the UK and USA (Routledge Publishers: Oxon.   ISBN: 978-0-415-89010-6).

    Stockdale, A (2011) The (UK) Retirement Transition and Rural Areas. (Chapter 13, p.243-262) In Winchell, D; Koster, R; Ramsey, D and Robinson, G (Eds) Geographical Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Change. (Brandon University: Canada.  ISBN 978-1-895397-81-9).

    Stockdale A (2011) A Review of Demographic Ageing in the UK: Opportunities for Rural Research.   Population, Space and Place 17(3), 204-221.

    Stockdale, A (2010) The diverse geographies of rural gentrification in Scotland. Journal of Rural Studies 26, 31-40Awarded: Journal of Rural Studies Top Cited Article 2009-11.

    Bell, J and Stockdale, A   (2009) Towards a multi-purpose model for the proposed Mourne National Park.  Irish Geography 42(3), 293-321.

    Stockdale, A and Barker, A (2009) Sustainability and the Multifunctional Landscape: An Assessment of the Cairngorms National Park Authority's Approach to Planning and Management in Upland Scotland. Land Use Policy 26(2), 479-492.

    Barker, A and Stockdale, A (2008 ) Out of the Wilderness? Achieving Sustainable Development within Scottish National Parks. Journal of Environmental Management 88(1), 181-193.

    Stockdale, A (2006a) Rural In-migration: The Role of Pre-Retirement Migration. Population, Space and Place 12(1), 1-13 .

    Stockdale, A (2006b) Migration: A Pre-Requisite for Rural Economic Regeneration. Journal of Rural Studies 22, 354-366.

    Stockdale, A (2005) Incomers: Offering Economic Potential in Rural England . Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

    Stockdale, A (2004) Rural Out-migration: Community Consequences and Individual Migrant Experiences. Sociologia Ruralis 44(2), 167-194.

    Findlay , A; Hoy, C and Stockdale, A (2004) In what sense English? An exploration of English migrant identities and identification. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 30(1), 59-79.

    Findlay , A and Stockdale, A (2003) The Temporal and Social Embeddedness of Migration: A Methodological Exploration Using Biographical Analysis. Geography Research Forum 23, p.4-29.

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    Stockdale, A (2002a) Towards a typology of out-migration from peripheral areas: A Scottish case study. International Journal of Population Geography 8, p.345-364.

    Stockdale, A (2002b) Out-migration from rural Scotland: The importance of family and social networks. Sociologia Ruralis 42(1), 41-64.

    Findlay , A; Stockdale, A; Findlay, A and Short, D (2001) Mobility as a Driver of Change in Rural Britain: An Analysis of the Links between Migration, Commuting and Travel to Shop Patterns. International Journal of Population Geography 7, 1-15.

    Stockdale, A; Findlay, A and Short, D (2000) The Repopulation of rural Scotland: opportunity and threat . Journal of Rural Studies 16(2), 243-257.

    Findlay , A; Short, D and Stockdale, A (2000) The Labour-market Impacts of Migration to Rural Areas. Applied Geography 20, 333-348.

    Short, D and Stockdale, A (1999) English Migrants in the Scottish Countryside: Opportunities for Rural Scotland? Scottish Geographical Journal 115(3), p177-192.


    Contemporary Issues in Urban and Rural Planning (2015-) level 1

    Erasmus Studies (2014-15) level 3

    Theory and Practice of Spatial Planning Policy (2006 -) level 2

    Professional Practice Project (2006-14) MSc taught students

    Research Methods (2006-08) level 3

    BSc dissertation, MSc thesis and PhD thesis supervision (2006-)

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