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    Aisling McLaughlin

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    Research Statement

    I am a mixed methods researcher experienced in longitudinal cohort studies, Cochrane systematic reviews, feasibility, pilot and randomised controlled trials of interventions and qualitative methods.



    Research interests

    My research interests focus broadly on adolescent development, substance abuse and mental health. Current research interests include building resilience in children living with parental substance abuse; investigating the impact of parental substance abuse on child outcomes (substance use, mental health, educational outcomes); shared education; and supported decision making among those with mental ill health or learning disabilities.


    Current projects


    Butler, M., McLaughlin, A., Hayes, D. & Percy, A. (2016-2018). Using the voluntary sector to

    support children and families with complex needs- what are the potential benefits and risks?

    HSC R&D, Early Intervention Transformation Programme.  


    Completed projects


    McLaughlin, A., Macdonald, G., Percy, A., McLaughlin, K., Higgins, K., O’Neill, T. & Hayes,

    D. (2016). Promoting resilience in children and young people affected by parental substance

    misuse (PSM): a feasibility study of the Pharos group work programme. HSC R&D, Enabling

    Research Award.


    McLaughlin.A.,Percy, A., Higgins, K., Perra, O. (2012-2014). Parental Alcohol Use and

    Resilience in Young People in Northern Ireland: A Study of Family, Peer & School

    Processes. Health and Social Care Research & Development (HSC R&D) Division, Public

    Health Agency, NI, Bamford Implementation grant.


    O’Neill, T., McLaughlin, A., McCartan, C., Higgins, K. & Gossrau-Breen, D. (2014).

    Adolescent alcohol use and school disengagement: investigating alcohol use patterns in

    adolescence and pathways to being NEET (Not in Employment Education or Training).

    Alcohol Research UK small grant.   


    Higgins, K., Perra, O., McCann, M., McCartan, C. & McLaughlin, A. (2012-2015). Offending

    Behaviour amongst Young People in NI: A Study of Neighbourhood, Family, School and

    Peer Processes. Office of the First Minister & Deputy First Minister.


    Higgins, K., Perra, O., McCann, M., McCartan, C. & McLaughlin, A. (2012). Parenting and

    school level effects: secondary analysis examining alcohol use trajectories in the context of

    parental monitoring and school environment. Alcohol Research UK.


    McCann, M., Seifert, A., McCartan, C., McLaughlin, A. (2011). Investigating community

    gardening as a form of rehabilitation for people with alcohol misuse problems in Northern

    Ireland: A pilot study. Alcohol Research UK.


    Higgins, K., Perra, O., McCann, M., McCartan, C & McLaughlin, A. (2010-2011). Alcohol

    and the Affluence Paradox: A Secondary Analysis exploring the Health Disparities

    surrounding Adolescent Alcohol Use and Alcohol Related Harm in Adulthood. Alcohol

    Education Research Council. 

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