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      My main research interest is focused on teenage alcohol, drug use and crime. In particular, I am interested in why some young people use cigarettes, alcohol and drugs while others do not, and why for some young people substance misuse is a transient behaviour, but for others it develops into serious social, legal and health problems.

      My research activity has three main strands. The first of these involves the analysis of longitudinal cohort studies of adolescent development including the Belfast Youth Development Study (an ongoing longitudinal study of adolescent drug use and crime tracking around 4,000 young people in Northern Ireland) and the British Cohort Study (one of the suite of UK national birth cohort studies). The second strand is focused on the evaluation of early intervention programmes to promote positive development in children and adolescents such as the MOMENTS trial and the STAMPP trial.  The final research strand examines methodological development in the areas of quantitative assessment of sensitive behaviours, measurement error in longitudinal survey research, and the psychometric properties of adolescent questionnaires.


      Youth crime and youth justice, basic and advanced statistics, quantitative research design and methods, victim surveys, and research ethics.

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