Anne Devlin

    Anne Devlin

    Postgraduate research student

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    Supervisors: Prof Duncan McVicar and Dr Declan French



    Anne Devlin is studying for a PhD in Economics at Queen's Management School. Her research primarily  looks at understanding the high levels of work disability in Northern Ireland, incluidng how the Troubles could be affecting contemporary economic inactivity. She also looks at how retirement is changing in the UK. 



    Economics of social policy, Labour Economics, Health Economics. 



    Anne holds a BSc in Economics and a MSc in Business Management. She was awarded a Medical Research Council Studentship to study for a PhD in Economics at Queen's Management School and is affiliated with the Centre of Excellence for Public Health (Northern Ireland).

    Anne undertook a Research Council UK policy secondment in April 2018 for 3 months which seen her working with the Research and Information Service at the Northern Ireland Assembly.  A research paper on deprivation in Northern Ireland which she co-authored while on secondment has since been the subject of articles in the local press.



    Tutor for ECO1007 Economics of Organisations/An Introduction to Economics (Spring 2017 and Spring 2018)

    Tutor for ECO2023 Data Analysis and Optimization (Autumn 2018)

    Tutor for ECO1002 Price Theory (Spring 2019)



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