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    Research Statement

    I contribute to research within the Maternal and Child Health research theme and am a fellow in the Centre for Evidence and Soical Innovation (CESI). Within CESI i contribute to two research programmes, (i ) what works for families, and (ii) mental health and well being.  My research interests are parental mental illness, early interventions for families when parents have mental illness and workforce capacity in relation to family focused practice. As part of the Prato Collaborative I contribute to international and multidisciplinary research (across nursing, psychiatry, psychology, social worker and sociology) to examine and develop workforce initiatives in the field of parental psychopathology. I currnetily contribute to four international projects as part of this group. A recent project In Oslo and Akershus University College in Norway entailed developing digital case studies from the findings of my Irish wide study of psychiatric nurses' family focused practice. The digital case studies have been incorporated within a Masters level module entitled "The Family in Mental Health Services" which will prepare health and social care professionals to support parents who have mental illness, their children and families in Norwegian mental health services. I also work closely with the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) in my contribution to the Northern Irish Think Family Initiative and am PI for a study examining health and social care professionals' family focused practice across Northern Ireland.  


     Leadership Roles

    Devloping a REF Impact Case Study

    Prinicipal Investigator for HSCB commissioned study

    Adjunct Lecturer, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

    Link Lecturer for eight clinical placement areas within the Southern Health and Social Care Trust

    Associate Editor for Advances in Mental Health

    Member of the Prato Collaborative Steering Committee

    Member of the International Family Nursing Association Research Sub Committee

    Member of the Northern Ireland Think Family Collaborative Committee and the Education and Evaluation Sub Comittees

    Member of the Regional Think Family Committee

    I review research papers for International Journal of Family Nursing and Archives of Psychiatric Nursing


    Teaching Roles

    BSc Nursing (Year 2 Mental Health Nursing):

    Evidence Based Nursing 2


    Current Graduate Supervision

     I am supervising a Dell funded PhD student examing health visitors' family focused practice with mothers who have mental illness in Northern Ireland


    Currently Funded Research Projects

    1. Grant, A., Devaney, J., Duffy, J., Davidson, Donaghy, M., G., Galway, K., Monds, M. (2016 - 2018).  Health and social care professionals’ family focused practice with parents who have mental illness, their children and families in Northern Ireland. commissioned by HSCB. £100, 000 

    2. Davidson, G., Bunting, L., Devaney, J., Duffy, J., Grant, A (2017 - 2018) Regional Audit of the Think Family Initiative. commissioned by HSCB. £31, 394.00

    3. Grant, A., Weimand, B., Falkov, A, Hexeberg, A., Donaghy, M  (2017 - 2018) Development of a web based training programme on family focused practice using The Family Model online tool. commissioned by QUB,  HSCB and Akershus University Hospital, Norway. £ 12, 000


    Completed Research Projects

    Grant A (2014) Pscyhiatric nurses' practice with parents who have mental illness, their children and families in adult mental health services in Ireland. (Unpublished Doctoral Thesis) Monash University. Australia


    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    Dr Grant is open to PhD applications in the fields of:
    - Maternal mental health
    - Intervention design and evaluation, especially in relation to improving services for families when parents have mental illness and/or substance use problems.
    All methodological approaches welcome.

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