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    Research Interests

    Professor Farrell's research expertise lies generally in health law and ethics. She is particularly interested in the relationship between politics and regulation in the area of health. She has specific interests in law and the human body (blood, organ, tissue), health technologies, health security, the management of public health risks, clinical negligence and no-fault compensation for medical injury.

    Current research projects include:

    1. Regulation of Human Tissue: Principles, Insitutions and Politics This project examines how ethical principles, institutional/expert cultures and political processes impact upon the design of regulation involving human tissue. It involves both normative and empirical research. The project is funded by the Australian Research Council.

    2. Health Security and the Regulation of Risk This project examines the relationship between securitisation and the regulation of public health risks, with a particular risk management involving (living and dead) human bodies and human tissue.

    3. Technology Sexuality and the Law This project involves a socio-legal study of how new technologies are transforming the ways in which people seek and enact sexual connections and experience sexual intimacy. It involves both normative and empirical research. The project is funded by the Australian Research Council.


    Professor Farrell has published widely in a range of internationally recognised journals and edited collections. Her sole-authored book, The Politics of Blood: Ethics Innovation and the Regulation of Risk (Cambridge University Press, 2012) was published in hardback in 2012 and in paperback in 2014. Other books include Health Law: Frameworks and Context (Cambridge University Press, 2017), Pioneering Healthcare Law: Essays in Honour of Margaret Brazier (Routledge, 2016) co-edited with C Stanton, S Devaney and A Mullock; European Law and New Health Technologies (Oxford University Press, 2013), co-edited with M Flear, T Hervey and T Murphy and Organ Shortage: Ethics Law and Pragmatism (Cambridge University Press, 2011), co-edited with D Price and M Quigley.

    Professor Farrell has been successful in obtaining over £1.76 million in competitive funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, Wellcome Trust, Leverhulme Trust, Nuffield Foundation and the Australian Research Council. Funded projects have examined the regulaion of human bodies/tissue; the relationship between health, technology and regulation; the law and ethics of organ donation and transplantation; clinical negligence litigation; no-fault compensation for medical injury. 

    Professor Farrell is currently co-Convenor of the Law and Health Collaborative Research Network (CRN), hosted by the US Law and Society Association (LSA) in the United States. The Law and Health CRN promotes international research networks and collaborations in socio-legal studies in health. 


    Professor Farrell would be happy to consider supervision of PhD and Masters students in the area of health and medical law, policy and ethics. She has been involved in the supervision to date of 5 successful PhD completions, and over 15 successful Masters completions. Areas of PhD supervision to date include the law and ethics of organ donation and transplantation, stem cell science, embryo research and eye banking; clinical negligence litigation; dispute resolution involving medico-legal death investigations; law and ethics of decision-making involving seriously ill young people and the regulation of gendered hate speech. 



    Professor Farrell holds a BA, LLB, BLitt (University of Melbourne), MA (National University of Ireland, Dublin) and PhD (University of Manchester). She has previously held academic positions in the UK (Manchester, Lancaster) and Australia (Monash, La Trobe), and was Director of the Centre for Health Law and Society (La Trobe). She is admitted to legal practice as a solicitor in Ireland, England & Wales and Australia. Prior to becoming an academic, she worked as a lawyer in private legal practice in Ireland and Australia, specialising in mass torts, product liability and clinical negligence.

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