Anthony Ziegelmeyer

      Dr Anthony Ziegelmeyer

      Senior Lecturer

      Phone: +44 (0)28 9097 4823

      For media contact email
      or call +44(0)2890 973091.

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      Office location: Riddel Hall Block 3, Room 02.033

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      Research Interests

      Social Learning; Strategic Formation of Coalitions and Networks

      Research Statement

      As a behavioural economist, my research focuses primarily on incorporating empirically sound assumptions into applicable formal economic theory.
          My main topic of interest is social learning. An individual learns from another individual’s behaviour because the behaviour is motivated by some information which is private. The process of social learning is the diffusion of the private information to all individuals through the interactions of observations, learning and choices. In numerous contexts, learning from others leads individuals to herd and herding behaviour generates social epidemics (e.g. market booms and crashes). My experimental work investigates the validity of the rational view of herding with the ultimate goal of building behavioural models of social learning.
          I have also worked on the price dynamics in parimutuel betting markets, the strategic formation of coalitions and networks, and methodological issues such as the effects of lottery-based incentives in large-scale experiments or the evaluation of Internet-based dynamic experiments.


      Macroeconomic Policy: Theory and Evidence (ECO2003) --- 2nd year module


      Work in progress

      - Cooperative Networks: Theory and Experimental Evidence, with K. Pantz and A. Polanski

      - Even Experts Follow Large Crowds: Naive Herding in the Laboratory, with C. March

      - Herding with Prosocial Preferences: Theory and Experimental Evidence, with C. March

      - Monetary Incentives in Large-Scale Experiments: A Case Study of Risk Aversion, with R. Cyranek, B. Greiner, and C. March



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