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    Ashley Harris

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    Research Statement

    I am currently expanding my doctoral research which focused on contemporary writers (inc. Houellebecq, Beigbeder, Nothombe, Despentes), gender (centring on the links between masculinity, media and success) and inter/transmediality (exploring the concept of the écrivain(e) médiatique, authors who decentre the text in favour of other media). The thesis was entitled: ‘Postures of the Author as a Multimedia Brand: Michel Houellebecq, Frédéric Beigbeder and the Decentring of the Text’. 

    The aim of this area of research has been to respond to an epistemological need to reassess authorship with new critical tools able to deal with new authorial strategies whilst addressing the links between masculinity, mass-market appeal, media and successI am now expanding this research to focus on the écrivaine médiatique, the woman media author.

    I have also spoken and published on literary geographies and sociological approaches to contemporary culture. 

    Research Interests

    *Ashley Harris has also presented under the name Ashley Scott-Harris*

    Research Interests:

    Twentieth and Twenty-first Century French Literature, Art, Film and Critical Theory

    Role, Representation and Reception of the Author

    Author and Text in the Digital Age

    Adaptation, Transfictionality and Transmediality

    Popular Cultures and Visual Cultures

    Postures/Performance and Mythologies

    Gender Studies - Geo-Literary Theory - Socio-Literary Theory


    2016: Sir Robert Hart scholarship for £650 for extended research period in Paris.

    2013 - 2016: Doctoral Research funding in French Studies from Department of Employment and Learning (Fees, maintenance and £1000 in travel and equipment funding per year).

    2015: MacQuitty scholarship for £1000 for a research trip to Paris.

    2013: £675 student-led initiative funding for QUB French Literature Festival

    2012: All-inclusive Musgrave scholarship for Masters (fees and maintenance). 

    2012: Chris Shorley Prize for best undergraduate performance in French language at QUB.


    Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast

    January 2019 -

    Level 1 Convenor

    Level 2 Module: The Exotic in Symbolist Art and Literature

    Level 2 French language - Seminars and Workshops

    Level 3 Filière: Paris et modernité

    Level 3 French language - Seminars and Workshops

    Contribution to MRes Modern Languages: 'What is an Author?', 'Transmediality' and Writing Workshop


    September 2018 - January 2019

    Level 1 Convenor

    Level 1 French language - Seminars and Workshops

    Level 2 French language - Seminars and Workshops

    Level 3 French language - Seminars and Workshops

    Participation on Level 3 Filière: La Critique du goût

    Participation on MRes Modern Languages


    Teaching Assistant at Queen’s University Belfast

    September 2016 - June 2017

    Level 2 French Grammar seminars 

    Level 1 French seminars and workshops: ‘Comprehension and Writing’; ‘Translation and Grammar’

    Spring Term 2016

    Contribution to Level 2 Year Abroad Cultural Awareness Filière

    September 2014 – June 2015

    Level 1 French classes: ‘Comprehension and Writing’; ‘Translation and Grammar’



    Professional Experience

    September 2018 (ongoing): Lecturer (Education) French, QUB

    October 2017 - September 2018: Strategy Advisor, Programmes, for Foreign and Commonwealth Office

    January 2014 – (ongoing): Secretary of French Charity Eau Vive Provence

    June 2014: Member of Organisational Committee for French Literary Festival, Queen’s University Belfast 

    2011-2012: English Language Ambassador for British Council


    Teaching Experience in France

    Summers 2008 - 2017

    Ten summers as supervisor (monitrice) of children and young adults at French retreat centre.

    September 2010 - June 2011

    English language assistant, Lycée technique Marie Curie, Marseille, France


    Translation Experience

    September 2014

    Copy-Edited Translation of Filiations disciplinaires et unité d’intérêt ; entre l’ethnologie et la géolinguistique : quelques points saillants de leur histoire commune for Jean-Nicolas de Surmont

    August 2013

    Translated Le répertoire de l’opposition au travail by Jacques Bélanger and Christian Thuderoz from French to English for the Business Studies Department at QUB.  

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