Colin Hughes

    Colin Hughes

    Lecturer (Education)

    Phone: +44 (0)28 9097 2693

    For media contact email
    or call +44(0)2890 973091.

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    I have a particular interest in the area of Self-Harm and Personality Disorders, in particular the assessment, management and ongoing treatment.


    In addition to this I provide specialist consultancy on an ongoing basis in the field of CBT for self-harm and personality disorders for the Belfast Trusts Self-Harm Team. As part of this work I provide training to students specifically Queens's students on placement and to community and statutory bodies. Also I have been asked to provide psychotherapy to the Health services Psychosexual team this is to be confirmed by the University. Lastly in I am currently writing a book for Open University Press in the field of low intensity working, this work is due to be submitted.

    Research Statement

    I have a particular intertest in Health Behaviour Change using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Facilitated Self-Help techniques.


    I have taught into both undergraduate and postgraduate courses these have included:

    2008/09 NMH2002 Promotion of Mental Health

    2008/09 NMH2004 Mental Health Across the Lifespan

    2008/09 NMH2002 The Practice of Mental Health Nursing

    2008/09 NMH 2006/3006 Mental Health Problems Assoc. with complex needs.

    2008/09 NMH 2006/3006 Management of patient care

    2008/09 NMH2008/3008 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice

    2008/09 Specialist practice CBT.

    2008/09 Specialist practice Cardiac nursing

    2008/09 Specialist practice child and adolescence

    2008/09 Specialist practice care of the older person

    2008/09 Stand alone module cognitive approaches

    2008/09 Specialist practice Thorn course.

    2009/10 Mental Health and Learning Disability Awareness Training

    2009/10 Stand alone module supervision for psychological therapists.

    2009/10 Stand alone module psychological therapies for non-mental health care workers.

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