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      My principal areas of interest are in the Romantic period and in writing in English from the Indian subcontinent. I have taught at Loyola College (Chennai), Magdalene College (Cambridge), and Manchester University before taking up my present appointment.

      Research Statement

      The postcolonial legacy of British Romantic imperialism in India is the point of intersection between my interests in the Romantic period and Indian literature in English. My publications to date (2006) include two scholarly editions, a monograph, and a collection of critical essays,apart from various journal articles spanning eighteenth-century to contemporary literature. My edition of Robert Southey's The Curse of Kehama (volume 4 of Robert Southey: Poetical Works, 1793-1810, 5 vols., 2004) uncovers the extent of Southey's engagement with orientalist and indological researches of his time, and traces in detail his revision of the text from early drafts of the poem to its final publication in 1810. The five-volume Southey edition was honoured by the Modern Language Association of America through its biennial prize for a Distinguished Scholarly edition for 2004-5. My edition of De Quincey's Autobiographic Sketches (comprising the two opening volumes of his own collected edition of his writings, Selections Grave and Gay) was published as volume 19 of The Works of Thomas De Quincey, 21 vols., 2000-2003. My first book, Revisionary Gleam: De Quincey, Coleridge and the High Romantic Argument (Liverpool UP, 2000), explores the literary relationship between De Quincey and Coleridge in the context of canonical models of literary influence. Together with Prof. Robert Morrison, I have edited a collection of critical essays entitled Thomas De Quincey: New Theoretical and Critical Directions (Routledge, 2008).


      My teaching at Queen's currently includes the following modules:

      110 ENG 101 and 210 ENG 102: Introduction to English I and II (Level 1)
      110 ENG 262: Eighteenth-century and Romantic Literature (Level 2)
      110ENG 375: Discovering the Orient, 1660-1832 (Level 3)
      210ENG368: Modern Indian Fiction in English: Texts and Contexts (Level 3)
      210 ENG 767: Modern Indian Literature in English: Constructing the Nation (M.A.)

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