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      MA in Broadcast Literacy

      Introduction to Analysing Broadcasting

      Broadcasting Genre



      BA Broadcast Production

      Broadcast Analysis I

      Broadcast Analysis II


      BA English

      Broadcasting and Identity 


      Research Statement

      My research focuses on the history of genres within their industrial, social and cultural contexts, particularly concentrating on fantastic genres such as science fiction and horror as represented on television. My doctoral thesis examined the origins of British television science fiction, covering all of the productions broadcast between 1936 and the arrival of commercial television in 1955. More recently, I have been exploring the links between genres and seasonality, and between television and the seasons, leading to my monograph on seasonal horror for Palgrave entitled Haunetd Seasons: Television Ghost Stories for Christmas and Horror for Halloween. 

      I am also interested in the broad field of investigating popular culture and its expressions, and how these relate to cultural change. I am particularly interested in ideas of identity, nostalgia, history, and the usefulness of genres which put some distance between the everyday and the narrative, such as science fiction, horror, and historical dramas.

      Research Interests

      Television; Radio; Film; Genre; Science fiction; Horror; Telefantasy; Historical drama; Nostalgia; Identity



      Centre for Public History, Queen's University Belfast -

      International Gothic Association


      Research Opportunities

      I am open to PhD applications in the fields of film, radio and television, particularly those focusing on genre history and analysis.

      Previous Doctoral Supervisions

      Dr Portia Ellis-Woods, ‘BBC Northern Ireland Drama and Features Programming 1924-1956: Development, Identity, and Cultural History’, 2014-2018

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