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    Research Statement

    I work chiefly on comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of film.

    My recent publications include  Regarding the Real: Cinema, Documentary, and the Visual Arts; and Post-Conflict Performance, Film, and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory (with Mark Phelan). I have published in journals such as Film Quarterly, Studies in Documentary Film, Screen, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Kinema, Literature/Film Quarterly, and Screening the Past. I currently co-edit the Cinema Aesthetics series, and continue to publish on aspects of Irish film, visual culture, and contemporary literature. I am currently completing short book for the 'Theatre &' series, Theatre & Cinema (Palgrave, 120pp).


    I am involved in the following externally funded research projects:



    2017: AHRC Research Grant (CI)

    2014: Wellcome Trust Small Grant (PI)

    2013: Leverhulme Research Fellowship (PI)

    2012: British Academy Small Grant (PI)



    Selected Research Publications

    Regarding the Real: Cinema, Documentary, and the Visual Arts (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2016) 224p.

    ‘Voyage(s) to Sarajevo: Jean-Luc Godard and War of Images’, Post-Conflict Performance, Film and Visual Arts: Cities of Memory, O’Rawe, D. & Phelan, M. (eds.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2016. 336p.

    ‘Eclectic Dialectics: William Klein’s Documentary Method,’ Film Quarterly. 66.1. (2012), pp. 60-69.

    ‘(Pro)Motion Pictures: Len Lye in the Thirties,’ Quarterly Review of Film and Video. 29.1, 2012. pp. 64-75.

    ‘New York City: 12 December, 1980,’ Studies in Documentary Film. 5. 1 (2011), pp. 31-44.

    ‘Towards a Poetics of the Cinematographic Frame,’ Journal of Aesthetics and Culture. 3 (1) (2011), pp. 1-13.

    ‘Cinema Lucida: Johan van der Keuken and the Meaning of Loss,’ Screening the Past. 29 (2010).

    ‘The Fraternity of Metaphors: Jean-Luc Godard's Film Socialisme,’ Kinema: Journal of Film and Media. 34.2 (2010), pp. 5-18.

    ‘Film Sound and the Poetics of Silence,’ in Sound and Music in Film and Visual Media: A Critical Overview. Harper, Graeme (ed.). London: Continuum Press. 2009. pp. 68-81.

    ‘Cinema of Masks: Commedia dell'Arte and Jean Renoir’s The Golden Coach,’ in Clowns, Fools and Picaros: Popular Forms in Theatre, Fiction and Film. Robb, D. (ed.). Rodopi Press (Amsterdam), 2007. pp. 147-161.

    ‘Inviolable Attachments: Kitano Takeshi’s Dolls,’ Screening the Past. 21. 2007.

    ‘The Great Secret: Silence, Cinema and Modernism,’ Screen. 47 (4) (2006), pp. 395-405.

    ‘Venice in Film: The Postcard and the Palimpsest,’ Literature Film Quarterly. 33 (3) (2005), pp. 224-232.

    ‘The Northern Other: Irish Cinema and the Troubles', in Representing the Troubles: Texts and Images, 1970-2000. Eibhear Walshe and Brian Cliff (eds.). Dublin: Four Courts. 93-105.

    'Film Forms and Folklore Tales: Play Me Something’, in Ireland (Ulster) Scotland: Concepts, Contexts and Comparisons. Edna Longley, Eamonn Hughes and Des O’Rawe (eds.). Belfast Studies in Language, Culture and Politics 7. Belfast: Cló Ollscoil na Banríona. 157-163.

     ‘At Home with Horror: Neil Jordan’s Gothic Variations’, Irish Studies Review. 11.2 (2003): 189-198.

    ‘Beyond Representation: I Could Read the Sky and Irish Cinema’, Canadian Journal of Irish Studies. 28.2/29.1 (2003): 84-97.




    PhD Supervision Experience (Primary)

    Katrina Maguire: Reframing Perceptions of Place in Contemporary Ireland (2015-)

    Seán Murray: Post-Conflict Trauma and the Documentary Image (2015-)

    Richard O'Sullivan: Experimental Film and the Experience of Landscape (2014-)

    Craig Smith: Motion Comic Aesthetics (2010-13)

    Peter Jameson: Theatre and the Films of Joseph Losey (2009-13)

    Bernard McCarron: Alfred Hitchcock and the Contemporary Arts (2009-13)

    Michael Leonard: The Cinema of Philippe Garrel (2008-13)

    Paula Blair: Film and Visual Culture in Contemporary N. Ireland (2008-11)

    David Stevenson: Interwar Hollywood and European Cinema (2007-11)




    2018-19: Current Modules: Convenor

    FLM1002: Introduction to Film: 2

    FLM2015: Cinema and Modernism

    FLM7012: Political Cinema: Form and Conflict (MA)

    2017-18: Current Modules: Contributor

    FLM1005: Visual Studies: Theory and Practice

    SCA7005: Research Methods and Skills in Film (MA)

    FLM3010: Dissertation (BA)

    FLM7006: Dissertation/Major Creative Research Project (MA)


    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    I am currently open to new PhD applications in the following areas:
    - Cinema and the Visual Arts
    - Political Cinema
    - Documentary Film Studies

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