Desiree Schliemann

    Desiree Schliemann

    Research Fellow

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    Research Interests

    I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow within the Health Services Research Group at the Centre for Public Health, Queen’s University Belfast. My main interests lie in global health research as well as implementation science research, particularly in the field of cancer prevention and early detection.

    My current research focuses on early detection of cancer in Malaysia. I collaborate closely with Monash University Malaysia, the University of Malaya, the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the National Cancer Society Malaysia. From 2017-2019 I project managed the ‘Be Cancer Alert Campaign’, a large mass media campaign in Malaysia to raise awareness about breast and colorectal cancer. Currently, I am working on a study aiming to test the feasibility of population-based colorectal cancer screening in Malaysia funded by the UK Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund (UKRI GCRF).

    I also have an interest in nutrition research and hold a BSc(Hons) degree in Public Health Nutrition. My PhD studies focused on designing, implementing and evaluating dietary behaviour change interventions in the workplace 

    Frequent Journals

    • Journal of Global Oncology

      ISSNs: 2378-9506

      American Society of Clinical Oncology

      Scopus rating (2018): CiteScore 1.95 SJR 0.446


    • Proceedings of the Nutrition Society

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      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1475-2719

      Reader, Cambridge University Press

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    • European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1476-5640

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    • The British journal of nutrition

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    • Public Health Nutrition

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