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    Research Statement

    Evropi Chatzipanagiotidou joined the School as a Lecturer in Anthropology in January 2013 after receiving her DPhil in May 2012 from the University of Sussex. She also holds an MSc in Forced Migration (Oxford) and a BA in Social Anthropology (Sussex). She has previously taught Social Anthropology as an associate lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London (2012); and as an associate tutor at the University of Sussex (2007-2012), where she jointly received the Teaching Excellence Award in 2012. She has served as features editor in the journal ‘Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism’ and is Secretary of the Anthropological Association of Ireland.

    Her research interests lie at the study of ethnicity, nationalism and anti-nationalism, peace activism, and the politics of memory in conflict affected contexts. Her doctoral work, based on long-term fieldwork between 2006 and 2008 in London and Cyprus thematically contributes to political anthropology, migration and diaspora studies and the anthropology of activism through a multi-sited ethnographic study of the political connections between the Cypriot diaspora in the UK and Cyprus. It also makes contributions to the anthropology of technology through the study of the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the field of peace activism. She has published on the politics of memory in Cyprus and the diaspora, the politics of the Left and intra-communal violence and is currently completing a book manuscript tentatively entitled 'Conflicts and Diasporas: Identity, Peace politics and Transnationalism between Cyprus and the UK'.


    ANT1001 Culture and Society

    ANT2030 Dissertation Preparation in Social Anthropology

    ANT2032/3145 Conflict and Peace in Comparative Perspective

    ANT2035/3148 Migration, Displacement and Diasporas

    ANT7007 Anthropological Methods


    Supervision Areas and Interests

    I welcome MA and PhD queries and I warmly invite applications on the following themes:

    • The anthropology of conflict, war, violence, peacebuilding, peace activism, civil society
    • Ethnicity, nationalism, anti-nationalism, identity, politics, the state
    • Diasporas, migration, transnationalism, globalisation
    • Borders, divided and shared spaces, Information and Communication Technologies in conflict and peace
    • Memory, contested histories, embodiment,  material culture, anthropology of space and place

    PhD Supervision

    Current PhD projects:

    • Chiara Magliacane: Youth Conflict-Related Trauma through Generations. An Ethnography on the Relationship between Health and Society in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland/ NINE ESRC-funded (Primary Supervisor)
    • Savannahah Dodd: Conflict, Photography and Ethics in Northern Ireland (Primary Supervisor)
    • Jamie McCollum: An anthropological analysis of the Kurdish diaspora & democratic confederalism: Beyond nationalism and the nation-state?/ DfE-funded (Primary Supervisor)
    • Augusto Soares: Tracking Online Political Sociality in Northern Ireland: Social media engagement in a context of persistent antagonism and increasing diversity (Primary Supervisor)
    • Harold Ohayon: Armagh: Self, Other and Space in a Shared City (2nd Supervisor)
    • Rachael Barbour: Conflict transformation through space transformation: mapping peace-building in Jerusalem and Nicosia/ DfE-funded (2nd Supervisor)
    • Sinéad Lynch: Music, Peacebuilding and UNSCR 1325 (2nd Supervisor)

    Past PhD Projects:

    • Jonathan Evershed: Lest We Forget: The politics of commemoration, loyalty and peacebuilding at the centenary of the Somme/ AHRC-funded (2nd Supervisor) -completed in 2017
    • Nancy Anderson: Re-Imaging Belfast: Art and Policy in Post- Conflict Northern Ireland (2nd Supervisor) -completed in 2016

    Other Advisory Roles:

    • Savannah Dodd (Visiting Research Associate/HAPP): The Impact of Conflict Tourism on Local Communities in Belfast (Project Advisor) -completed in 2017

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