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    I am interested in the Genetic Epidemiology of Psychosis and Substance Misuse. This involves using molecular and epidemiological approaches to look at the complex causal pathways for psychiatric illnes I am also interested in the overlap between movement disorder and psychiatric symptoms and the use of stratified medicine approaches to treatment of psychosis.I am a consultant Psychiatrist in the Belfast HSC Trust and am part of a resettlement team that is responsible for the community rehabilitation of patients with long term illness. I am interested in developing measures of Recovery in this group of Patients, we have been funded by the DHSSPSNI to do a Rapid Review of these measures. I have an interest in Creativity and Mental Health and have been part of a HTA funded trial of Art Therapy. I I'm a member of a Northern Ireland Public Health Research Network subgroup interested in Arts In Health


    I teach and help organise the undergraduate medical course in Psychiatry. I have recently Produced a reportreviewing the  delivery of teaching at an undergraduate level in conjunction with a representative group of Psychatrists from Northern Ireland. We have produced a report with a number of suggestions  as a result of focus group work with undergraduates and Psychatrists. I also teach on the psychopharmacology course in third year.  I have organised aStudent Selected Component on Creativity and Mental illness.
    I am the organiser  of the postgraduate Diploma in Mental Health, This is a course which is run twice a year and attract up to 60 Foundation year and GP trainees. Unlike other parts of the United Kingdom Northern Ireland does not have a recruitment problem in psychiaty. The undergraduate program and the postgraduate diploma are recognised as important factors in recruitment and retention.

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    • Molecular Psychiatry

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    • Schizophrenia research

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    • American Journal of Psychiatry

      ISSNs: 0002-953X

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      American Psychiatric Association

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    • American Journal of Medical Genetics

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