Gerard Gallagher

    Gerard Gallagher

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Statement

    I am currently undertaking research to understand the distributional consequences of SME borrowing and lending practises in the U.K. following the Global Financial Crisis and the subsequenct changes in regulatory and interest rate regimes.

    Research Interests

    Political Economy.
    International Finance and Banking Regulation.
    Political Philosophy: specifically equality and distributional concerns.
    Austerity, and government finances.
    Economic Theory/Philosophy.


    General interests include:

    Economics, Macroeconomics. Philosophy and Political Economy. Regulatory and Interest rate regimes. Quantitative Data and statistical methods. Banking, and finance.


    Awards and Scholarships
    PISP Foundational Scholarship 2013-2014.
    PISP Foundational Scholarship 2014-2015.
    David Muholland Prize 2015.
    Lemberger-Mettrick Prize 2015.
    Q-Step Quantitative Data Analysis Prize 2015.

    PISP Student Bursary Award 2016.

    DEL Studentship 2016-2019.



    ID: 111756378