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      I am a lecturer and the undergraduate course leader in Architecture at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland, UK. I have received BArch and MArch degrees from Middle East Technical University, and PhD degree from Istanbul Technical University in Turkey. I have worked professionally as an architect (Isbank Towers Construction, Atelier T Architecture among others) in Turkey and the Netherlands, and have been a researcher at University of Pennsylvania, USA and University College Dublin, Ireland. I have conducted several workshops, attended international conferences, published widely, and taught at Philadelphia University, USA, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, and Izmir University of Economics, Turkey.

      Research Statement

      I have been conducting interdisciplinary research at the intersection of architecture and cinema in the USA, the Netherlands, Turkey, Ireland and the UK since 1994. Using film as a representation of urban space and/or architectural space, I study the relationship between the two disciplines to better understand and interact with the built environment and urban geographies. So the question that is worth exploring for me is: How can film create a new way of seeing to understand and develop cities and buildings? In this context, I run a project reseach group, CACity (Cinema and Architecture in the City, My reseach interests include:

      Cinema and the City

      Architecture and Film

      Urban space/Architectural space/Film space/Sci-fi space

      Digital Mapping in the Humanities

      Architectural Representation and Communication

      Architectural Design Education



      I enjoy teaching as much as research, and have tutored in 5 countries in the areas of Architectural Design, and History, Theory and Criticism for more than 10 years after a period as a practicing architect. I have taught the following to students of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Industrial Design, Fashion Design, and Visual Communication Design:

      Design Studio (1st year)

      Architectural Design Studio (1st, 2nd, and 4th year)

      Architectural History (1st, 2nd, and 3rd year)

      Architectural Theory (2nd year and masters)

      Architecture and Film (3rd and 4th year)

      Architectural Media and Communication (2nd and 3rd year)

      Thesis/Dissertation (masters and PhD)

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