Heidi Brede

    Heidi Brede

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Statement

    My research at Queen's is focused on numerical analysis of offshore floating wind turbines. Aero-hydro-servo-elastic models are used to represent the floating system, and advanced theory needs to be applied in numerical software to obtain accurate and reliable results with small error margins. Capable computer tools exist today, but most use simplifications and linearisations in one or more aspects of the analysis, which results in conservative estimations, especially in extreme weather conditions. The aim is to compare and improve on these numerical methods and tools in order to better the design process and lower production costs. 

    Research Interests

    My background is marine engineering with focus on marine structures, aimed largely at the oil and gas industry. When I realised this was not the direction I wanted for my future, I wrote my Master thesis on floating bridges, specifically on a planned project along E39 in Norway (see link above). After, I decided I wanted to focus on renewable energy, and was lucky enough to be offered a PhD on the subject of wind energy. 

    Fields of interest

    Offshore and Marine Structures, Renewable Energy, Wind Technology, Infrastructure



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