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    I coordinate and teach on the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Mathematics programme.

    I contribute to the PGCE Educational and Professional Studies module.

    I am responsible for the Mathematics elements of the International Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCEi).

    I contribute to the supervision of masters' and doctoral dissertations in Education.

    Research Interests

    My research interests encompass both mathematics education and aspects of the philosophy of education.

    I am particularly interested in the influence of teacher attributes and organisational/societal factors on the pedagogical practices of mathematics educators and students' mathematical learning. To this end, I have conducted research into aspects of mathematics education using the anthropological theory of didactics, which is a theoretical framework proposed by French mathematics educator, Yves Chevallard. Chevallard devised a 'scale of levels of didactic co-determination', which represents a hierarchy of levels that govern how mathematics is actually taught in classrooms, premised on the fact that mathematics learning and teaching cannot be divorced from the broader organisational, societal and cultural contexts within which they occur. 

    I am also interested in the influence of active learning strategies on the affective domain in mathematics education. For example, I have conducted empirical research to investigate how activity-based learning impacts on students' attitudes to mathematics, and how any changes in attitude are differentially influenced by gender.

    From a philosophical and mathematical perspective, I retain an interest in the theoretical foundations of educational measurement models, such as item response theory.

    My recent research, in collaboration with colleagues from Trinity College Dublin, the University of Limerick and Dublin City University, has focused on the application of Chevallard's anthropological theory of didactics, and Dewey's theory of experiential learning, to investigate factors influencing students' mathematical learning experiences during the transition from primary to post-primary education.

    My current main interests are:

    • The influence of teacher characteristics and organisational/societal factors on teachers' pedagogical practices and students' learning 
    • Student misconceptions in mathematics
    • Strategies for improving student achievement in mathematics
    • Strategies for promoting student interest in, and enjoyment of, mathematics
    • The mathematical and philosophical foundations of educational measurement models

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