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    Senior Research Fellow

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    1. 2015
    2. Published

      Progress at JET in integrating ITER-relevant core and edge plasmas within the constraints of an ITER-like wall

      Giroud, C., Jachmich, S., Jacquet, P., Jarvinen, A., Lerche, E., Rimini, F., Aho-Mantila, L., Aiba, N., Balboa, I., Belo, P., Angioni, C., Beurskens, M., Brezinsek, S., Casson, F. J., Coffey, I., Cunningham, G., Delabie, E., Devaux, S., Drewelow, P., Frassinetti, L. & 21 othersFigueiredo, A., Huber, A., Hillesheim, J., Garzotti, L., Goniche, M., Groth, M., Kim, H-T., Leyland, M., Lomas, P., Maddison, G., Marsen, S., Matthews, G., Meigs, A., Menmuir, S., Puetterich, T., van Rooij, G., Saarelma, S., Stamp, M., Urano, H., Webster, A. & JET EFDA Contributors, Mar 2015, In : Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. 57, 3, 20 p., 035004., 035004

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    3. Published

      ELM-induced transient tungsten melting in the JET divertor

      Coenen, J. W., Arnoux, G., Bazylev, B., Matthews, G. F., Autricque, A., Balboa, I., Clever, M., Dejarnac, R., Coffey, I., Corre, Y., Devaux, S., Frassinetti, L., Gauthier, E., Horacek, J., Jachmich, S., Komm, M., Knaup, M., Krieger, K., Marsen, S., Meigs, A. & 9 othersMertens, P., Pitts, R. A., Puetterich, T., Rack, M., Stamp, M., Sergienko, G., Tamain, P., Thompson, V. & JET-EFDA Contributors, Feb 2015, In : NUCLEAR FUSION. 55, 2, 22 p., 023010., 023010

      Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

    4. 2013
    5. Published

      Impact of nitrogen seeding on confinement and power load control of a high-triangularity JET ELMy H-mode plasma with a metal wall

      Giroud, C., Maddison, G. P., Jachmich, S., Rimini, F., Beurskens, M. N. A., Balboa, I., Brezinsek, S., Coelho, R., Coenen, J. W., Frassinetti, L., Joffrin, E., Oberkofler, M., Lehnen, M., Liu, Y., Marsen, S., McCormick, K., Meigs, A., Neu, R., Sieglin, B., van Rooij, G. & 21 othersArnoux, G., Belo, P., Brix, M., Clever, M., Coffey, I., Devaux, S., Douai, D., Eich, T., Flanagan, J., Grunhagen, S., Huber, A., Kempenaars, M., Kruezi, U., Lawson, K., Lomas, P., Lowry, C., Nunes, I., Sirinnelli, A., Sips, A. C. C., Stamp, M. & Wiesen, S., 27 Sep 2013, In : NUCLEAR FUSION. 53, 11, 113025., 113025

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    6. Published

      The effect of ionization on the populations of excited levels of C IV and C V in tokamak edge plasmas

      Lawson, K. D., Coffey, I. H., Aggarwal, K. M. & Keenan, F. P., 14 Feb 2013, In : Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. 46, p. 1-18 035701., 035701

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    7. 2011
    8. Published

      An analysis of VUV C (IV) emission from the JET divertor giving measurements of electron temperatures

      JET-EFDA Contributors, Jan 2011, In : Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion. 53, p. 1-22 22 p., 015002., 015002

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    9. 2001
    10. Published

      A comparison of theoretical line intensity ratios for Ni XII with extreme ultraviolet observations from the JET tokamak

      Keenan, F., Ramsbottom, C., Coffey, I., Botha, G. J. J., Matthews, A., Bell, K. L., Lawson, K. D. & O'Mullane, M., 28 Feb 2001, In : Journal of Physics B: Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics. 34, 4, p. 639-645 7 p.

      Research output: Contribution to journalArticle