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    Dr Jenny Robinson

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    Research Interests

    My research interests lie in three main areas: programme evaluation; child health and wellbeing; and theoretical applications to health-related behaviour change, specifically the Theory of Planned Behaviour.

    I have extensive experience conducting both quantitative and qualitative research, and I am committed to the field of evaluating both health-related and educational programs involving children and young people.  I have been researcher on a number of randomised controlled trials, most recently, an evaluation of a school-based parental engagement strategy


    Research Projects

    I am currently working on the ‘Wellbeing in Schools Survey (WiSe)’, Funder: Public Health Agency/COE.

    Team: Connolly, P., Kee, F., Dunne, L., Lloyd, K. and Davison, J.

    This survey began in 2014 as a Year 8 extension of the Young People’s Behaviour and Attitudes Survey (YPBAS). Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) has been commissioned by a number of government and public bodies to carry out this work in 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and most recently in 2013. This school based survey aims to capture the lifestyles, attitudes and behaviours of 11-16 year olds in Northern Ireland. Survey items cover a broad range of physical and mental health and wellbeing measures. The first data sweep is currently being analysed. The team aims to follow up this cohort every two years.


    Previous projects that I have worked on:

    The Education Endowment Foundation: ‘Parental Engagement Project’ (2014-2016), with Dr Sarah Miller. Trial Manager.

    The Education Endowment Foundation: ‘Talk of the Town’ (2013-2014), with Professor Allen Thurston.

    The Lifestart Foundation: ‘A randomised controlled trial of the Lifestart parenting program’ (2013-2015), with Dr Sarah Miller and Dr Laura Dunne.

    Atlantic Philanthropies: ‘Ready to Learn’ (Barnardos NI) (2013), with Professor Geraldine Macdonald and Dr Laura Dunne.

    EU Framework 7: ‘Food 4 Me’ (2012-2013), with Dr Barbara Stewart-Knox (Ulster University).

    Safefood, Ireland: ‘Early school leavers and nutrition’ (2011-2012) with Dr Barbara Stewart-Knox (Ulster University) and Dr Michelle Share (Trinity College, Dublin).



    Rankin, A., Kuznesof, S., Frewer, L. J., Orr, K., Davison, J., Macready, A., Walsh, M., de Almeida, M. D. V., & Stewart-Knox, B.  (2016). Public perceptions of personalised nutrition through the lens of Social Cognitive Theory.  Journal of Health Psychology, 1-11.

    Davison, J., Share, M., Hennessy, M., Bunting, B., Markovina, J. & Stewart-Knox, B. (2015).  Correlates of food choice in unemployed young people: The role of demographic factors, self-efficacy, food involvement, food poverty and physical activity. Food Quality and Preference, 46, 40-47.

    Davison, J., Share, M., Hennessy, M. & Stewart-Knox, B. (2015).  Caught in a ‘spiral’. Barriers to healthy eating and dietary health promotion needs from the perspective of unemployed young people and their service providers. Appetite, 85, 146-154

    Stewart-Knox, B., Kuznesof, S., Robinson, J., Rankin, A., Orr, K. Duffy, M., Poínhos, R., Vaz de Almeida, M. D., Macready, A., Gallagher, C., Berezowska, A., Fischer, A. R. H., Navas-Carretero, S., Riemer, M., Traczyk, I., Gjelstad, I. M. F., Mavrogianni, C. and Frewer, L. J. (2013). Factors influencing European consumer uptake of personalised nutrition: Results of a qualitative analysis. Appetite, 66, 67–74.

    Share, M., Hennessy, M., Stewart-Knox, B. & Davison, J. (2013). Early School Leavers and Nutrition: A needs assessment from a nutrition perspective. Dublin: safefood The Food Safety Promotion Board.

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