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    My research explores the relationships between politics and music, especially focussing on anarchist activism and contemporary punk culture in various international contexts such as Northern Ireland, Britain, Poland, and Indonesia.

    In my role as Research Fellow at the School of History, Anthrpopology, Philosophy and Politics I am working on the 'Sounding Conflict: from resistance to reconciliation' research project, led by Professor Fiona Magowan (

    The Sounding Conflict research project seeks to analyse the ways in which sound (including sonic arts and participatory music-making) can project and ameliorate community experiences, memories and narratives of conflict in contexts of resistance through to reconciliation. Research with the Musicians Without Borders programme in Derry forms a key part of this wider research project, and we seek to generate new insights into the Northern Ireland conflict/post-conflict setting in relation to how processes of creativity and participation in sound interventions shape experiences, narratives, and memories of conflict.

    I am a member of the Editorial Board of Punk & Post-Punk, and have guest-edited two special volumes of that journal (4.1 and 6.2).,id=200/view,page=0/

    I am the Web Editor for Anarchist Studies journal and blog.

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