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    Research Interests

    My research interests lie in the field of host-pathogen interactions and how Klebsiella pneumoniae interacts and modulates host immunity.

    I am currently investigating how Klebsiella pneumoniae takes control over host post-transcriptional modifications (SUMOylation and other ubiquin-like modifications) to alter cellular responses.




    Teaching of the Generic Lab Skills Module on Western Blotting to PhD students in 2015 and 2016.

    Mentorship of a master student (October 2015-August 2016).

    Mentorship of a summer student as part of the CEM program (July-August 2016).


    Frequent Journals

    • Journal of Controlled Release

      ISSNs: 0168-3659


      Scopus rating (2018): CiteScore 7.82 SJR 2.411 SNIP 1.717


    • Infection and Immunity

      ISSNs: 0019-9567

      American Society for Microbiology

      Scopus rating (2018): CiteScore 3.03 SJR 1.591 SNIP 0.888


    • FEMS Yeast Research

      ISSNs: 1567-1356

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1567-1364


      Scopus rating (2018): CiteScore 2.74 SJR 1.126 SNIP 0.655


    • Fungal Genetics and Biology

      ISSNs: 1087-1845

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1096-0937

      Academic Press Inc.

      Scopus rating (2018): CiteScore 3.45 SJR 1.492 SNIP 1.142


    • Microbiology (United Kingdom)

      ISSNs: 1350-0872

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1465-2080

      Society for General Microbiology

      Scopus rating (2018): CiteScore 2.03 SJR 0.927 SNIP 0.68


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