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    Jocelyn Dautel is a lecturer (education) in the School of Psychology. Before arriving at Queen's, Jocelyn completed her undergraduate degree at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in Psychology with minors in sociology and education (2005). During this time, she was first a participant, and then later a teaching assistant, for Bucknell in Northern Ireland, a service learning and study abroad program on the 'Psychology and Sociology of the Troubles' in collaboration with the University of Ulster, Magee.  Jocelyn then went on to complete both her master's (2007) and PhD degrees (2013) in developmental psychology at the University of Chicago. During her PhD work, Jocelyn was awarded an international dissertation fellowship and spent the 2011-2012 academic year as a visiting research fellow at the Institute for Culture and Cognition at Queen's University, Belfast.

    Research Interests

    Jocelyn Dautel's research investigates the development of social cognition with a particular emphasis on how children and adults categorize others into social groups, and how these categories then guide further inferences and behavior. One line of current research explores children's reasoning about language and accent as particularly meaningful social categories that influence multiple aspects of person perception and social evaluation. A second line of current research explores children's reasoning about ethno-religious categories in homogeneous and heterogenous educational contexts in Northern Ireland.  Further research interests include morality and blame in intergroup contexts, the development of social essentialism, and the effects of contexts of conflict on social categorization.


    Jocelyn Dautel teaches developmental, social, and cognitive psychology and is a personal tutor for Level 1 and Level 2 students.  Jocelyn also supervises MSc students in the Psychology of Childhood Adversity programme.

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