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    Research Interests


    My research interests are in the areas of service user and carer involvement, social inclusion, citizenship based social work, social justice and the interface between social work and political conflict. I am an Associate Fellow of both The Senator George J Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice and the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation at Queen's. I am also currently leading an international research project: Voices of Social Work through the Conflict in Northern Ireland with colleagues from New York University (NYU), University College Dublin (UCD) and Queen's. This project is funded by the Northern Ireland Association of Social Workers (NIASW) and the Northern Ireland Social Care Council (NISCC).

    My research publications, particularly in the field of service user involvement, have informed social work education locally, nationally  and internationally. I am committed to working in partnership with service users as peer researchers and several of my publications evidence this approach. I have established strong international research links with New York, Penn State, Belmont, Alicante and Ljubljana Universities resulting in completed and ongoing research outputs.

    My approach to teaching reflects a commitment to transformative and progressive pedagogy. I am particularly interested in the contribution that service users and carers can make to helping students understand the impact of political conflict. Using what I describe as a 'pedagogy of lived experience',  a defining aspect of my approach to education involves partnering with service user and carer groups in teaching challenging, pedagogical concepts to social work students such as social work values, international social work and political conflict. I am currently exploring ways in which music, performance and the arts can also assist students in their understanding of difficult topics.

    My teaching has been recognised by the following Awards:

    United Kingdom National Teaching Fellowship Award (NTF), Higher Education Academy (HEA) (October, 2014).

    Northern Ireland Health and Social Care Regional Social Work Award (September, 2013)

    Queen’s University Teaching Award (July, 2013)

    Queen's University Teaching Award (June, 2017) 

    Select Publications

    McLaughlin, H., Duffy, J., McKeever, B., Sadd, J (2018). Service User Involvement in Social Work Education. London/New York. Routledge.

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    International DVD

    Duffy, J., Martinez-Roman, M.A and Zavirsek, D. (2013) International Messages on Service User and Carer Involvement. International Association of Schools of Social Work(IASSW).





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