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    I am an academic clinical oncologist with a passion for the treatment of patients with Prostate cancer. I am driven by a desire to improve outcomes from all aspects of this disease and to develop new treatments in particular in the fields of , Radiation Therapy, and Bone-seeking radionuclide therapy. I believe that by leading a clinical trial programme in prostate cancer that I can fulfill these ambitions. In my time in Belfast I have lead the development of a team of dediciated researchers who are all committed to excellence in patient care. Through over 20 clinical trials in the past 14 years I believe that I have helped a significant number of patients and their families cope with this often devastating illness. I have received very positive feedback from patients and their families incduding many substantial donations to the local charities I am involved with.

    I am also committed to helping translate scientific discovery into clinical practice and have been instrumental in facilitating a number of traslational ideas into clinical trials.


    In 2014 I was appointed as Clinical Director of Oncology at the Belfast Trust.


    I am very involved in charity work relevant to oncology:

    • I am a trustee and Honorary Secretary of the Friends of the Cancer Centre. This charity aims to promote radiotherapy facilities both from a research and service perspective.


    As well as academic leadership, I believe clinical academics have a major contribution to make to the health service. During the past 14 years I have been appointed to a number of key leadership positions within the NHS Trust in Belfast. These roles have allowed me to advocate for the research and quality agenda and I have maintained a focus on excellence iin patient care.

    I was clinical lead for radiotherapy from 2008 to 2014 during which time I led the introduction of a number of new treatment techniques and modalities including Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), Image Guided radiotherapy using gold fiducial markers (IGRT), bone-seeking radionuclide therapy, and radiotherapy imaging protocols. I have encouraged the other members of the multi-professional team to think in innovative and progressive ways and this has resulted in a change in culture which is gradually evolving in Belfast.

    From 2014-2017, I was Clinical Director of Oncology at Belfast Trust. Through this role I endevoured to increse the profile of clincal research in the cancer service.

    Research Statement

    I lead the radiation oncology and prostate cancer clinical research groups at the Northern Ireland Cancer Centre, Belfast, and am currently principal investigator on more than 10 clinical trials. I trained in radiation oncology at St. Luke's Hospital, Dublin and subsequently completed a research fellowship at the Academic Urology Unit of The Royal Marsden Hospital. My research interests include bone-seeking radionuclide therapy, image guided radiotherapy, Irradiation of the retina for Macular Degeneration and translational research in radiation and prostate cancer and have published widely in these areas. I collaborate closely with scientists at the CCRCB in particular Prof Kevin Prise and Prof David Waugh as well as international colleagues.

    I am one of the 4 lead applicants on the Movember Centre of Excellence in Prostate cancer programme grant. The programme is a collaboration with the Christie Hospital Manchester. Known as FASTMAN, the programme is focussed on enhancing the role of radiation in prostate cancer. 


    My main teaching focus is with e 4th year medicine oncology module.


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