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      Research Interests

      My research has been influenced by the dual need to decipher infection as microbe-cell cross-talks, and to analyse infectious diseases in an integrative dimension encompassing host responses. The long term goal of the laboratory is to decipher the network of interactions between pathogenic bacteria and various cell types contributing to the onset of the innate immunity responses by applying a multidisciplinary approach interfacing immunology, cell biology, and molecular microbiology. We are keen in defining the mechanisms by which pathogens manipulate for their own benefit early innate immune responses.

      Our work involves the use of animal and tissue culture models of infection (mice, macrophages and epithelial cells) using Y. enterocolitica, nontypable Haemophilus influenzae, and K. pneumoniae as bacterial models. The diseases of interest to us include Yersinia-induced gastroenteritis, chronic diseases associated to smoking (COPD), and Klebsiella-induced pneumonia.

      Overall, our research strategy is leading to the identification of novel pathogen-specific signatures implicated in manipulating the immune response as well as to define the elements belonging to a common host response against Gram negative pathogens, which could be targeted for therapeutic manipulation. This knowledge should speed up the development of new tools to control infectious diseases, the discovery of new antibacterial targets as well as the development of novel immunoadjuvants.

      Please visit the lab web page for details.

      Frequent Journals

      • Infection and Immunity

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        American Society for Microbiology

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      • Microbiology (United Kingdom)

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