Karie Schultz

    Karie Schultz

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Interests

    My research interests are in the political, religious, and intellectual history of seventeenth-century Britain and continental Europe. The majority of my past and present work focuses on theories of political resistance within the Calvinist and Lutheran traditions and the employment of those theories in the seventeenth and eighteenth-century Atlantic world. 

    Research Statement

    I am the PhD student on Dr Ian Campbell's €1.3 million European Research Council-funded project, 'War and the Supernatural in Early Modern Europe.' My dissertation is entitled 'The reception of Catholic political thought in the Scottish Revolution, 1638-1651.' It examines how leading Scottish Covenanters and royalists, such as the Aberdeen Doctors, John Maxwell, Samuel Rutherford, and Archibald Johnston of Wariston, used Catholic scholastic political thought to construct their ideas about obedience or resistance to political authority. Though these authors were predominantly anti-Catholic, they employed a Catholic tradition of political thought predominant in continental Europe that they encountered during their university education. These Scots ultimately participated in a transnational conversation about the nature of political authority in the early modern state and royal oversight of the church. This dissertation thus seeks to place political thought in the Scottish Revolution in its proper European post-Reformation context.  


    I have received multiple scholarships and monetary awards for my undergraduate, MA and PhD work, including:

    Scottish History Society Rosebery Prize: £350 (2018)

    European Research Council Studentship: total £112,970 (2016-2020)

    John Beecher Award for best MA performance, Queens University Belfast: £100 (2015) 

    Russell Kirk American Studies Scholarship: total $21,820 (2012-2014)

    C&N Foundation Endowed Merit Scholarship: total $10,695 (2012)

    Charles Koch Foundation Research Grant: total $1,000 (2012) 

    Hillsdale College Merit Scholarship: total $31,485 (2010-2014) 


    In December 2015, I graduated with my Master of Arts in History from Queen's University Belfast where I obtained the highest overall mark in my class. 

    I graduated summa cum laude from Hillsdale College (Hillsdale, Michigan, USA) with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies and German in 2014. 





    Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmschultz24

    Email: kschultz01@qub.ac.uk

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