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    MED 3013 Radiobiology for Radiotherapy.

    Lecturer and Joint Module Coordinator.

    • Cell Signalling and DNA Repair.
    • Radiobiological Methods.
    • Current advances in Radiation Research.

    MED 3013 Preclinical Models in Cancer Research.

    Lecturer and Module Coordinator.

    • Preclinical models in cancer discovery and In vitro models.
    • Modelling human cancer in mice II – Introduction to mouse genetics, genome editing technologies and genetically engineered mouse models.
    • Experimental endpoints and preclinical imaging techniques.
    • Ethics and alternatives to in vivo testing.

    SCM 8066 MRes in Translational Cancer Medicine.


    • Principles of Radiotherapy.
    • In vivo imaging Techniques.

    BMS 2015 Biomedical Science BSc.


    • Protein and Membrane Trafficking

    MED 1023 Principles of Disease and Treatment 1                                               


    • · Problem solving with genes molecules and processes.
    • · Problems in clinical genetics.
    • · Problems in biochemical medicine.


    Undergraduate Medicine Years 1-3 ePortfolio (UMeP)


    BMS3012 Lab Based Honours Project in Biomedical Science         

    Project Supervisor.

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