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      Research Interests

      Centring on Ireland, north and south: Cross-border conflict and cooperation; EU integration (inc. ‘Brexit’ and its impact on Ireland); Peace and conflict processes; Political sociology; Political discourses, protest and violence.

      Research Statement

      Katy Hayward is a political sociologist with a particular focus on conflict/post-conflict transitions. She has a BA (Hons.) in Peace and Conflict Studies (UU Magee, 1999) and a PhD on the subject of the impact of European integration on cross-border relations on the island of Ireland (University College Dublin, 2002). She held a number of post-doctoral research fellowships, including for an EU FP5 project on the EU and Border Conflicts (EUBorderConf) and a Government of Ireland fellowship at the Institute for British-Irish Studies. She is currently Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Queen’s University Belfast, and Senior Research Fellow in the Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice.

      Her research is actively interdisciplinary, traversing fields of border studies, conflict studies, European studies, and Irish studies. This means that she is particularly well-placed to speak to the implications of Brexit for the island of Ireland, and Northern Ireland in particular. Indeed, she has written and presented widely on this matter, and has given evidence before parliamentary committees in both the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

      She is one of the leading political sociologists of the island of Ireland (e.g. co-ed. Dynamics of Political Change in Ireland, 2017), with a high profile in relation to European integration (e.g. co-ed. The Europeanization of Party Politics in Ireland, 2010), political violence (e.g. co-ed. Nationalism and Organised Violence, 2013), and the application of discourse analysis (e.g. co-ed. Political Discourse of Peace and Conflict, 2009). Her recent funded research includes TRUST Tracing Risk and Uncertainty in Security Technology (RCUK, 2013-15), and Conflict in Cities and the Contested State (ESRC, 2010-14). She is currently lead partner for the Irish case study of the Canadian $2.8m SSHRC-funded project ‘Borders in Globalization’ (PI: UVic, British Columbia).

      She is keen to draw connections between her research and live socio-political challenges. Outside the University, she is on the Board of Conciliation Resources, the Centre for Cross Border Studies, and the Institute for Conflict Research. 


      Twitter: @hayward_katy

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