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    Keith McAllister is a Lecturer in Architecture at Queen’s University of Belfast. A practising Chartered Architect, he worked as a part-time studio tutor in QUB for six years before taking a full time lectureship in 2008.He has extensive experience working as a project architect, both in private practice and as a sole-practitioner, especially in the educational sector, with specific emphasis on exemplar designs for mainstream and special needs schools. He has worked in Russia and Italy and continues to practice in Northern Ireland with a particular interest in the architecture of the Ulster vernacular and farm buildings as a model for contemporary rural living.

    He also has experience working in architectural conservation and in 1999 was the recipient of the National Trust Centenary Arkell Fellowship to study conservation of Modern Movement architecture in Finland working with Dr Ed Diestelkamp and Timo Tuomo of the Rakennoustaiteen Museo, Helsinki, Finland. His interest in Finland was further reinforced with his post-graduate dissertation entitled Funkis, investigating Finnish Functionalsim of the 1930’s which was shortlisted for the RIBA President’s dissertation medal. Closer to home, he is currently working with the Templemore Users Trust in safeguarding the last remaining operating Victorian slipper-bath swimming pool in Ireland:The Templemore Avenue Corporation Baths in East Belfast.

    Research Statement

    Keith’s ongoing academic research is focussed broadly on the relationship between Architecture and Fear, especially for those populations without a voice. As the extremely proud father of a wonderful son with autism, his particular interest is in the relationship between Architecture and those with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). An ongoing focus of study is trying to improve learning environments for those with ASD. This involves many strands; including working with teachers, parents, educational psychologists, carers and those with ASD. Findings have been presented in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

    Outcomes have also been disseminated in academic journals including the British Journal of Special Education, Support for Learning and lastly in India through Spandrel. His most recent publication, Aldo Goes To Primary School based primarily on continuing research, co-authored with colleagues from McNally Morris Architects, Belfast, was funded by an Arts Council Innovation Grant from the Department of Culture, Arts & Learning, Northern Ireland and is now starting to be used by practitioners, teachers and parents throughout Northern Ireland & the Republic of Ireland to help understand and manage the challenges faced by pupils with ASD when in primary school. Other ongoing projects include working collaboratively with ASD organisations in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.


    Teaching Duties:

    Stage 02 Tutor & Lecturer

    Stage 05 Dissertation Supervisor

    MSc Tutor (Environmental Planning)

    PhD Primary & Second Supervisor

    Administrative Duties:

    Deputy Head of Architecture


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