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    Research Interests

    Kevin is a Research Fellow with extensive Post-Doctoral experience, primarily in analysis of veterinary drug residues in food and food-producing livestock by immunoassay and mass spectrometry at Queen’s University Belfast and the Agri-Food and Biosciences Institute of N. Ireland (AFBI). During his time in the Chemical Surveillance Branch of AFBI, a EU National Reference Laboratory for veterinary drug residues in the food chain, he worked extensively in method development, validation and application of ELISA screening assays and LC-MS/MS confirmatory assays to GLP, ISO17025 and ISO9001 standards.

    In addition to R&D collaborations with the N. Ireland poultry sector and development of multi-residue methods for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Kevin has been particularly active in European Framework Programme research consortia. He has taken leading roles in consortia addressing enforcement of the ban on the anabolic growth promoter zeranol (the Natural Zeranol project) the global nitrofuran antibiotics crisis (the FoodBRAND FP5 project) and anti-parasitic compounds in beef (the ProSafeBeef FP6 project).

    Since joining the Institute for Global Food Security at QUB in 2010, he has been applying similar techniques to analysis of compounds implicated in human carcinogenesis, including collaboration with the QUB Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (BRCA1-linked estrogen metabolism). The FoodCAP project, funded by the World Cancer Research Fund, used novel approaches to tests for heterocyclic amines bound to human blood proteins – potential biomarkers of exposure to these carcinogenic compounds formed while cooking meat. He has collaborated closely with an innovative local animal feed manufacturer on rapid quality control screening techniques while his interest in veterinary drug residues and food safety continues through his involvement in the safefood Chemical Residues Knowledge Network ( He has recently collaborated with a major global food company to detect fraud in meat products using innovative REIMS mass spectrometry techniques in the REMAinE project. Currently Kevin is acting as Quality Manager as we attempt to gain ISO 17025 accreditation for a novel spectroscopic screening tool for detecting fraudualent adulteration of herbs. Meanwhile, he is working on the Interreg-funded ALERTOX-NET project to develop a suite of techniques for the seafood industry to detect emerging marine toxins.


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