Leon Litvack
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    • 19th-century British & Irish literature, esp. Dickens
    • Art History
    • History of Photography
    • Architectural History
    • Museums & Galleries
    • Promotion of the Arts
    • Northern Ireland politics & society
    • Middle Eastern politics & society
    • Literature and Imperialism
    • The literature of place
    • Canadian and Commonwealth literature
    • Modern fiction
    • World Religions
    • Moral & ethical issues
    • 19th, 20th and 21st-century history
    • Politics and society in the UK, Europe and North America
    • Literature, politics & economics in India

    My interests are represented through my varied range of activities:

    • academic work
    • community engagement work
    • speaking engagements in the UK and abroad
    • broadcasting for the BBC and other media outlets


    I grew up in Toronto, and have been at Queen's since 1991.

    Research Statement

    My primary research area is the life and works of Charles Dickens. I am the Principal Editor of the Dickens Letters Project, and an expert analyst of Dickens's letters, manuscripts, and handwriting. I am highly adept at finding new Dickens letters that have never before come to the attention of scholars. I have written and lectured widely on Dickens, his works and his world. I have curated Dickens exhibitions at major institutions, and have made these the substance of my impact cases for presentation to the Research Excellence Framework (REF) evaluation.

    Most of my research has used historicist and post-colonial modes of criticism. I am an expert investigator of archival sources, and I have developed new approaches to Dickens's life and work as a result of my findings. I have done significant work in bibliography, the interaction between literature and the visual arts, and in textual criticism. I am working on the authoritative critical edition of Dickens's last completed noel, Our Mutual Friend.

    I have successfully supervised PhDs in the following areas:

    • Dickens studies
    • 19th-century British writers
    • 19th-century Irish literature and culture
    • 20th-century Irish literature
    • Modern post-colonial fiction & theory
    • 19th-century women's travel writing
    • The literature of landscape

    I would welcome new PhD proposals in the above areas, as well as in

    • Film and fiction
    • TV adaptations of 18th-century/Victorian fiction
    • 20th and 21st-century fiction and poetry
    • Textual criticism
    • Landscape literature
    • The literature of place


    I have extensive teaching experience in the following areas:

    • Dickens
    • 19th-century British fiction, poetry and drama
    • 19th-century Irish fiction, poetry and drama
    • 20th-century British fiction, poetry and drama
    • Canadian literature, culture & history
    • Commonwealth literature/diasporic English literature
    • Romantic literature
    • Dystopian literature
    • Metafiction
    • Autobiography

    I currently teach/co-ordinate the following courses at Queen's:

    • Stage 1: English in Context: An Introduction to Contemporary Fiction
    • Stage 2: Literature and Society 1850-1930
    • Stage 3: Televising the Victorians; English Dissertation
    • MA: The Gothic

    Achievements and Distinctions

    I currently hold two Government appointments to Arms' Length Bodies in Northern Ireland:

    • Vice-Chairman, National Museums Northern Ireland
    • Board Member & Chair of Finance & Capital Committee, Arts Council of Northern Ireland

    I bring skills in finance, audit & risk assurance, human resources, and governance to these organisations.

    I am a Board Member of the Charles Dickens Museum in London. I have expert knowledge of the institution's collection of 100,000 objects, and I contribute in the areas of collections development, education, interpretation, and public engagement.

    I previously held a Government appointment as a Board Member of the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council, and served as Chair of the organisation's Victims Committee, responsible for distributing £12 million of Government funding to Victims and Survivors Groups.

    I recently completed a report for the Governments in Northern Ireland and India on Demonetisation and Emerging Challenges. The project was funded through a £25,000 grant from the Northern Ireland Dept for the Economy.

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