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    Research Interests

    Leonie Hannan's doctoral research explored the role of letter-writing in women’s engagement with the life of the mind in England in the period c.1650-1750 and argued that the material processes of correspondence affected the traffic of ideas. Her current research focuses on the practice of scientific enquiry as it took place in the eighteenth-century home. This study takes the material culture of the home as its starting point and investigates the tools within reach of early modern householders in their search for knowledge. The research therefore treats intellectual work as just one of many household rituals and, by doing so, illuminates new connections between the domestic and the investigative.

    Over the last ten years, Leonie has also worked extensively in museums and heritage and built collaborative working relationships between researchers, teachers, curators, museum collections and heritage sites. She is interested in the ways in which museum objects can provoke cross-disciplinary and collaborative interactions for students and researchers alike and has worked with colleagues to investigate the creative potential of such engagements.

    Leonie is a co-founder, with Olwen Purdue, of The Heritage Project ( and a member of the steering committee for the Centre for Public History at Queen's University. She is working with Gemma Carney on a collaborative project, Material Objects on the Journey of Life. She is also part of the 100 Hours research group which experiments with methodologies for material culture research.

    Leonie is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies at Queen's and a member of the organising committee for the International Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies 2019 Congress. 

    Leonie is currently supervising Emma McAllister and her project 'Investigating the impact of space and appropriated ritual performance on the understanding of sacred objects' and is happy to supervise research projects in the fields of social and cultural history, eighteenth-century studies, gender history, material culture studies and the history of home.

    Research Interests

    social and cultural history, gender and material culture

    histories of home

    histories of intellectual life

    heritage collections and adult learning

    Willingness to take PhD students


    PhD projects

    I am open to PhD applications in the fields of:
    - social and cultural history, gender, family and material culture
    - histories of home
    - histories of intellectual life and/or letter-writing
    - heritage collections and adult learning

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