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    Lilian Lieber

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    Research Interests

    Using a range of high-resolution acoustics (multibeam sonar, echosounders, ADCPs), my research investigates interactions between marine fauna (seals, seabirds, fish, zooplankton) and fine-scale hydrodynamics in the vicinity of tidal energy devices. The research aims to further our understanding of mechanisms underlying the fine-scale distribution and behaviour of animals in highly energetic environments. 

    Appointed as a Bryden Centre Research Fellow in Jan 2019, I am based at the Queen’s University Belfast Marine Laboratory in Portaferry, situated on the shores of the Narrows tidal channel, Strangford Lough, Northern Ireland, UK.  

    Previous to this post, I was a research fellow funded by the recently completed EU Horizon 2020 Powerkite project, where I was involved in studies relating to tidal device noise assessments and listening space reduction in marine mammals, collision risk modelling, the characterisation of highly energetic sites, and the investigation of fine-scale hydrodynamic features influencing top predator at-sea distributions.   

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    • Ecological Indicators

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    • Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

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    • Endangered Species Research

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