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    Dr Lilian Lieber

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    Research Interests

    I am a research fellow working with Louise Kregting and Pal Schmitt  (Queen's University Belfast) on the EU funded project 'PowerKite'. Using high-resolution acoustics (multibeam sonar, ADCPs), I am investigating the interactions between marine fauna (seals, fish, zooplankton) and fine-scale hydrodynamics in the vicinity of a novel tidal turbine ‘the kite’, developed by Minesto. The research aims to further our understanding of mechanisms underlying the fine-scale distribution and behaviour of animals in tidal flow environments, providing a tool for environmental monitoring.

    I've had a long interest in developping hydroacoustic tools to visualise predators, their immediate habitat and underlying hydrodynamics. During my PhD, I have started using high-frequency multibeam sonar to detect basking sharks in the temperate waters off the West Coast of Scotland. More recently, and in collaboration with St Andrews University, Scotland, I have joined a pelagic expedition in the Chagos Archipelago, British Indian Ocean Territory. We collected multibeam data around atolls and seamounts to describe the distribution of predators (sharks and rays) around these features. I have further collected multibeam data off South Africa to contribute to a project investigating fish distribution and penguin foraging behaviour around islands subject to temporal fishery closures. 

    In the field of molecular ecology and as part of my PhD, I have advanced methodological approaches to identify basking shark individuals to understand their genetic structures, from small groups to a global population scale. This included the use of mucus swabs for DNA extraction, the development of microsatellites and SNPs and population genetic analysis investigating gene flow, patterns of relatedness, gene migration rates and population sizes. 

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