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    Research Interests

    My research interests relate broadly to the area of child welfare and maltreatment with specific interests in the impact of childhood adversity across the life-course, the experiences of child victims/witnesses within the criminal justice system and UK child protection and criminal justice policy.

    Research Statement

    I have been involved in and/or led research projects funded by the Nuffield Foundation, the ESRC, local government and the voluntary sector. The research has involved both qualitative and quantitative approaches as well as systematic review methods. The focus of my research has included:

    • Outcomes and components of trauma informed practice
    • The links between deprivation and involvement with child and family social work
    • Trends in child protection and looked after policy, process and statistics across the four UK nations
    • Family experiences of adversity and involvement with child protection processes and other services
    • The criminal justice response to child victims/witnesses and the process of conducting forensic interviews
    • Child witness experiences of the criminal justice system

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    Frequent Journals

    • Child Abuse Review

      ISSNs: 0952-9136

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1099-0852


      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 1.81 SJR 0.86 SNIP 1.271


    • Child and Family Social Work

      ISSNs: 1356-7500

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1365-2206


      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 1.66 SJR 0.941 SNIP 1.38


    • British Journal of Social Work

      ISSNs: 0045-3102, 1468-263X

      Oxford University Press/UNESCO

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 1.62 SJR 1.019 SNIP 1.362


    • Child abuse & neglect

      ISSNs: 0145-2134

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1873-7757

      Elsevier Limited

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 3.1 SJR 1.681 SNIP 1.77


    • Children and Youth Services Review

      ISSNs: 0190-7409

      Elsevier Limited

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 1.8 SJR 0.813 SNIP 1.114


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