Lucia Klencakova

    Lucia Klencakova

    Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher, Postgraduate research student

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    Research Statement

    Current Project: The Impact of Intimate Partner Violence [IPV] on Young People's Educational Well-being

    It has been widely documented that violence disproportionately happens to women with young women, minority and bisexual women being among the most vulnerable groups to experience IPV. While the phenomenon of teenage IPV has been on researchers’ radar since 1981, there is only limited evidence that demonstrates the negative consequences abuse has on young people’s wellbeing, and more specifically educational attainment. While a significant proportion of abuse happens on school grounds, the area of teen IPV and its impact on educational attainment remains understudied. The need for further research is undeniable. I am hoping to integrate my previous knowledge into my research to present findings that will influence violence policies in the UK. 

    Research Interests

    Before joining QUB, I dedicated my time to Communication theories, more specifically the socio-psychological tradition that explores behavioural and cognitive characteristics in a communicative context. In particular, I delved into human ego or inner motivations for actions reflected in language, primarily in nonverbal. With a Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages, and a Master's in Communication Studies, I also became proficient in linguistics, semiotics and intercultural communication. This set of skills lead me to pursue a study on intercultural couple satisfaction, which revealed ways in which sexism guides every-day intimate interactions even in Western context. I was able to link ego motivations with sexist attitudes reflected in language, and as a result, I published a chapter on ego reflection in attitudes towards women and oppressed groups. I began incorporating socio-cultural tradition into my research, in particular, gender power struggle, objectification of a female body in media, and stereotypical power structures in the workplace, especially in political sphere. This is when I came across the term culture of peace, and co-authored a book chapter on conflict and peacebuilding, namely strategies that can be applied in the classroom. I realized the gravity of the impact that societal stereotypes and patriarchal structures can have on young people's wellbeing and relationship formation, which is why I decided to pursue my current project. 


    Barry University (2015)

    Persuasion: Rhetoric of Social Intervention Model

    English as a Foreign Language 

    (2010-2011, 2018-2019)


    Current projects in progress:

    Narratives of Female Identity: Objectification of Females in the Entertainment Industry (with Dr. Nickesia Gordon of Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)


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