Lucy McCarthy
    Phone: +44 (0)28 9097 5484

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    Research Statement

    My current research is focused exploring contextual issues in supply chain networks. I am interested in critical and action research approaches in this area. My background is in community and rural development, particularly around challenges of historically marginalised areas. Other work has explored issues related to transparency and to the adoption of environmental and social practices in supply chains.




    MSc Management.  Research Methods. Module Co-ordinator. (Queens University Belfast)

    Business Management. Business, Government and Society. Module Co-ordinator. (Queens University Belfast)

    Business Management. Applied International Business. Module Co-ordinator. (Queens University Belfast) 

    Student Support Role

    Advisor of Studies for International Business with Languages (Queens University Belfast)



    Award: Global Research Training Programme

    Source: Internal Queens Fund

    Amount: £4,000


    Award: Funding for project entitled: Human experiences of transitioning to sustainable agricultural practices (start date May 2018)

    Source: ISRF Flexible Grants for Small Groups (ISF4)

    Amount: £4,180.74 - Role: Co-I


    Award: Funding for workshop entitled: Engaging to solve the grand challenge of sustainability: Interdisciplinary workshop on participatory and engaged research

    Source(s): Main funding secured from Society for Advancement of Management Studies, additional funding sourced from Journal of Supply Chain Management, IPSERA and Nottingham Univsersity Business School.

    Amount: £8460 - Role: Co-I


    Award: Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellowship 2013

    Source: Irish Research Council

    Duration: September 2013- September 2015

    Amount: €89,995

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