Lukas M. Horstmeier

    Mr Lukas M. Horstmeier

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Statement

    Social Class: Identity and Mobility. Development of Class Identities and their perceived Permeability
    Summary of the Project:
    The goal of my research is to understand how young people's sense of social class identity operates in relation to their perception of social mobility and permeable class boundaries and what consequences arise from that for the pupils performance, aims, and future perspectives.
    At first, I try to understand how class identies differ from subjective and objective socio-economic and educational backgrounds and how this difference is statistically measurable. 
    Further studies will aim for and compare pupils around the age of 15 years in both Northern Ireland (according to distinct geographical segregation between social classes) and Germany (segregates the pupils according to performance already in early adolescence).
    The aim is to show how social class identities and their perceived mobility influence pupils educational achievements and future perspectives and highlight the relation between perception of and actual permeability between social identities.
    Research Interests:
    Social Classes
    Group Boundaries
    Social Justice
    The Role of Stereotypes
    (Ambivalent) Social Discrimination
    Political Participation
    Before coming to Queens, I studied Political Science and Public Law (B.A.) at the Universities of Trier (Germany) and Tampere (Finland). Here I completed the Political Psychology program (M.Sc.).
    At the University of Trier I was head of the student representation for Political Science and History (Fachschaft) and student member of the faculty council (Fachschaftsrat), and worked as a tutor for methods of Political Science.

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