Magdalena Rychlowska
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    Research Interests

    My research focuses on expressions of emotions, their effects, and the mechanisms underlying their perception and interpretation. In my current project at QUB, I work with Dr. William Curran and Dr. Gary McKeown. Our team investigates social functions and characteritics of laughter produced in different contexts. I am also interested in facial expressions of emotions, especially the smile, which is arguably the most complex and versatile among them. Some of my studies explore how eye contact and facial mimicry influence smile processing. Other projects examine cross-cultural differences in smiling and effects of smiles (as well as other emotion expressions such as regret or guilt) on economic decisions in interpersonal and intergroup settings. 

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    Frequent Journals

    • Trends In Cognitive Sciences

      ISSNs: 1364-6613

      Cell Press

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 10.24


    • Frontiers in Psychology

      ISSNs: 1664-1078

      Frontiers Media S.A.

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 2.21 SJR 1.043 SNIP 1.004


    • Emotion

      ISSNs: 1528-3542

      American Psychological Association

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 3.59 SJR 2.151 SNIP 1.557



      ISSNs: 0197-3533

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1532-4834


      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 2.68 SJR 1.002 SNIP 1.19


    • PLoS One

      ISSNs: 1932-6203

      Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1932-6203

      Public Library of Science

      Scopus rating (2017): CiteScore 3.01 SJR 1.164 SNIP 1.111


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