Marc Edwards

    Marc Edwards

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Statement

    I am primarily interested in the relationship between working memory ability and on-line reading behaviour, and students' navigation strategies when learning from complex non-linear text such as hypertext.   My research uses a battery of working memory measures such as Corsi blocks, digit span, and Engle's symmetry span tasks, and assesses reading comprehension performance.  It also explores the effect of reading time constraints on learning new information from a hypertext website, and seeks to explain the individual differences in test performance.


    Research Interests

    Working memory; hypertext; online navigation behaviour; reading time constraints.

    Other interests in which I have produced research for undergraduate/postgraduate theses include: effect of anxiety on working memory performance; efficacy of physiological measures of anxiety (7.5% CO2 inhalation paradigm); anxiolytic potential of cognitive-enhancing drugs.


    2017: Study visit to the Universitat Valencia, Spain [Santander Mobility Scholarship] (£1000)

    2016: DEL PhD Scholarship

    • Universitat Valencia

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