Margaret Tedford

    Miss Margaret Tedford

    Postgraduate research student

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    Research Interests

    Medieval cartography

    Medieval scientific texts and diagrams

    Landscape and environment

    Historiography and identity construction

    Research Statement

    I have recently submitted my PhD thesis, which is a comparative study of the Cotton world map in BL, MS Cotton Tiberius B.v. It seeks to situate the map within the context of both its own manuscript and the culture of computus manuscript production in 11th-century Europe. It does this by considering the map as a rhetorical image that may be read through various lenses and as such may be interpreted as an artistic image, a scientific diagram, and a text, thereby cutting across disciplinary boundaries. I am interested in bridging the gap between the disciplines of historical cartography and medieval historical and literary studies.

    I am currently working on an article on the role of water in early medieval maps which expands on some of my doctoral research, and is due to be submitted for publication in early 2019. I am also writing a chapter for a forthcoming book series on the four elements, to be published with Brill, edited by Marilina Cesario, Hugh Magennis and Eliza Ramazzina. This will be on the representation of earth in medieval maps and diagrams. In the next stage of my research, I intend to conduct a study of the visualization of borders and boundaries in early medieval maps and cosmographical texts.


    I teach Old English language and literature, Historical Linguistics, and introductory linguistics modules.


    I have recently been appointed as the PG representative on the TOEBI (Teachers of Old English in Britain and Ireland) committee

    I am currently assisting on the Crossing Frontiers Research Network, led by Dr Marilina Cesario of QUB and funded through the British Academy Rising Star Public Engagement Award.

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