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      Research Statement

      Professor Maria Lohan is Director of Research for the School of Nursing and Midwifery and a Fellow of the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation QUB, where she is also Strand Leader for What Works for Parenting. She holds a Chair in Social Science and Health, specialising in men’s health research with a particular focus on men’s sexual and reproductive health and fatherhood. The impact of her work has continued to grow internationally involving both exploratory social science research and the design and evaluation of interventions in men’s health. In recent years, she has been a Visiting International Scholar at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, University of British Columbia (UBC) and a Visiting Professor to the School of Nursing (UBC) where she is a collaborator on a number of studies. She has received funding from the ESRC to design an intervention to involve young men in preventing unintended pregnancy and received funding from NIHR to evaluate this intervention in schools through a randomised control trial (RCT). She is now leading a large multi-site RCT of this intervention throughout the rest of the UK, again funded by the NIHR (£1.7million) The intervention she developed “If i were Jack” is being rolled out universally to schools by the Dept. of Education Science in Ireland and the Australian version, she helped to develop with colleagues at Flinders University, is being rolled out to schools in South Australia. She is now beginning new work with incarcerated young men to understand better their experiences of fatherhood and to develop an early intervention fatherhood programme for young incarcerated men.


      Leadership Roles (QUB)

      Director of Research, School of Nursing and Midwifery,

      Deputy Director, Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation CESI, 

      Member of Queen’s Gender Initiative Executive Committee
      Co-convenor of Queen’s Gender Initiative Mentoring Programme
      Public Engagement Advocate for Nursing and Midwifery
      Member of University Research Forum
      Director of Research Representative for the Faculty on the Collaborative Provision Group


      Leadership Roles (External)
      Associate Editor of BMC Public Health
      Member of the Board of Management of Men’s Health Forum of Ireland
      Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Men’s Health

      External Assessor for Faculty Promotions at UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems


      Teaching Roles
      Module leader of MSc Qualitative Research Methods
      Lecturer, MSc Qualitative Research Methods
      Lecturer of undergraduate module Evidence Based Nursing 3

      Lecturer on Doctorate in Midwifery Prctice: Contemporary Challenge in Midwifery Practice
      Co-convenor of QUB staff training and development course on focus group methods (with Dr Dirk Schubotz, School of Education and Social Sciences)


      Current Graduate Supervision

      Michelle Templeton, Katie Gillespie, Joleen Kane, Conall O’Rourke, Molly Goyer (School of Creative Arts,


      Currently Funded Research Projects


      1.‘The Jack Trial’: A multi-site cluster randomised trial of an interactive film-based intervention to reduce teenage pregnancy and promote positive sexual health. National Institute of Health Research (NIHR, UK).

      2. Investigating the Influences of Social Context and Structure on Young People's Parenting Experiences. Canadian Institute of Health Research    

      3. Masculinities and Men’s Depression and Suicide Network. Movember.

      4. Transition of young people with complex health needs from child to adult services. National Institute of Health Research (NIHR, UK).

      5. An evaluation of If I were Jack in post-primary schools in Ireland with regard to the Relationship and Sexuality Education requirements of teenage men. Health Services Executive, Crisis Pregnancy Programme (IRL).

      6. Fathers in Families: An Evaluability Assessment.. HSC Research and Development Enabling Award.


      Recently Completed Research

       1. Increasing boys’ and girls’ intention to avoid teenage pregnancy: feasibility trial of an interactive video drama based intervention in post-primary schools in Northern Ireland. National Institute of Health Research (NIHR, UK).

      2. Teenage Men and Unintended Pregnancy: An educational resource. Economic and Social Research Council, UK

      3. Ready to Reproduce? Teenage Men’s Attitudes and Decision-Making in Relation to an Unplanned Pregnancy. Department of Health, Crisis Pregnancy Programme (IRL)

      4. If I were Jack? The development of an Interactive CD on adolescent men and unintended pregnancy for adolescents in Northern Ireland. Department of Health Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland.

      5. Fathering high-risk infants: An in-depth study of parenting babies admitted to a neonatal unit and follow-up at home. TinyLife and School of Nursing and Midwifery QUB.

      6. HIV and Pregnancy: A resource to inform Midwives and other health professionals about caring for men and women in relation to pregnancy. Health and Social Care Research and Development Office (Northern Ireland).

      7. Sexual Education Needs of Young People in Care. Department of Health, Crisis Pregnancy Programme (IRL). 

      Frequent Journals

      • Trials

        ISSNs: 1745-6215

        BioMed Central

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      • Journal of Advanced Nursing

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      • Culture, Health & Sexuality

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      • Journal Of Family Issues

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