Michael O'Mahony

      Mr Michael O'Mahony

      Postgraduate research student

      For media contact email comms.office@qub.ac.uk
      or call +44(0)2890 973091.

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      Research Interests

      I am interested in Medieval Britain and Ireland, particularly with examining the residences of the nobility of Medieval society. My research interest focusses on interpreting the Late Medieval Tower Houses of Britain and Ireland. Tower Houses are the most common castle type found in Ireland and Scotland, and given how comparatively little is known about tower houses in comparison to other castle types, it provides a challenging albeit fascinating research topic, which is necessary to study so as to increase our understanding of Medieval society.

      Castles formed an essential aspect of the history of Medieval Britain and Ireland, and Tower Houses are a significant part in the social and political fabric of Medieval society.

      Research Statement

      My research is focussed on Spatial Analysis and the Late Medieval Tower Houses of Britain and Ireland. It will analyse two specific areas:

      - The structural, architectural, and functional aspects of tower houses across Britain and Ireland.

      - The social and political significance of tower houses in medieval society, and the daily life of the occupants of these castles.


      Achievements and Distinctions

      I received the John Hurst Award from the Society for Medieval Archaeology in 2015 for the best Undergraduate Dissertation in Medieval Archaeology in the UK.

      I also received a DEL (Department of Education and Learning) Research Grant to help fund my thesis.

      ID: 85038053