Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala
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      Miryam Arredondo joined the Centre for Nanostructured Media as a lecturer in 2012. She received her primary degree from the Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Irapuato (Mexico) and obtained her PhD from the University of New South Wales (Australia) in 2011 at Prof. Valanoor’s group. In 2010, she joined the Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics for one year for a postdoctoral fellowship in a European project in functional oxides (IFOX).

      Her research has focused in exploring ferroelectrics and other functional oxides via transmission electron microscopy (TEM) techniques. Her thesis centred in interface effects of ferroelectric thin films, including structural defects and diffusion. She has ample experience in TEM and her current interests are focused in dynamic studies of functional materials, with special interest on ferroics.

      She is a member of the Institute of Physics, Juno IOP Champion and member of the SWAN self-assessment team of the school.


      Physics undergraduate teaching

      Level 3 physics laboratories

      Level 4 MSci Projects Supervisor

      PHY2082 Physics of the Solid State

      PHY4024 Condensed matter and Materials Science

      Level 1 physics laboratories

      Level 1 physics tutorials


      Postgraduate teaching

      PHY9032 Materials Characterisation 

      PHY9033 Materials Science Case Study

      Research Interests

      Electron microscopy techniques

      Functional materials

      Nanoscale Physics

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      Frequent Journals

      • Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)

        ISSNs: 0163-1829, 1098-0121

        Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1095-3795

        American Institute of Physics Publising LLC

        Scopus rating (2016): CiteScore 3.16 SJR 1.939 SNIP 1


      • Journal of Applied Physics

        ISSNs: 0021-8979

        Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1089-7550

        American Institute of Physics Publising LLC

        Scopus rating (2016): CiteScore 1.72 SJR 0.632 SNIP 0.815


      • Advanced Materials

        ISSNs: 0935-9648, 1521-4095

        Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1521-4095

        Wiley-VCH Verlag

        Scopus rating (2016): CiteScore 17.79 SJR 8.364 SNIP 3.347


      • ACS Nano

        ISSNs: 1936-0851

        American Chemical Society

        Scopus rating (2016): CiteScore 13.65 SJR 6.916 SNIP 2.65


      • Nanotechnology

        ISSNs: 0957-4484

        Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): 1361-6528

        IOP Publishing Ltd.

        Scopus rating (2016): CiteScore 2.87 SJR 1.096 SNIP 0.814


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